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Gene Pritsker Compositions
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Big Band/Wind Ensemble,   Concerto,   Chamber Opera/Theatrical,   Small ChamberSolos,  Duets,   Trios,   
Choral,    Electronic,   Songs Arrangements/orchestrations,   

Orchestra, Chamber orchestra  


- Pretty maidens slam dancing (full orchestra)  Score
- Under the influence (full orchestra)
- And laugh even louder (full orchestra)
- Massacre, 20th century style (full orchestra)
- I’m afraid you might ask for my soul (full orchestra)
- Animals (chamber orch., narr.)
- All I want now is to look at life

  (string orchestra and trumpet)
- PUNK (string orchestra) score
- Dancing in snow (orchestra)
- Fanfare 4 1/2 Billion (full Orchestra)
- Without The Support Of The External Senses

  (full orchestra)
- Dead Souls II (chamber orchestra)
- Wish + Faith=Kisses (SATB chorus & orchestra)
- The Most Wonderful Thing of All I & II     Score

  (chamber orchestra)
- Souls (for small orchestra)

  1. Dead Souls, 2. Soul’s vanity, 3. Snow Souls
- Gates (chamber orchestra & Samplestra)
- Reconstructions I (chamber orchestra & samplestra)

 Based on themes from Frank Zappas Joe's garage album
- Reconstructions II (chamber orchestra & samplestra)
 Based on themes from Frank Zappas Joe's garage album
- Essence #2 (full orchestra)
- Accepted #1 (orchestra)
- Entrails Of Some Ill Constituted Soul

  (Chamber orchestra)
- 3 Poems from Flowers of Evil     

    (chorus, chamber orchestra, Di.J.)
   1. Correspondences
   2. Death of the Lovers
   3. Elevation
- Tangent to Curves (chamber orchestra)
- Heat Perpetual (orchestra)
- Loves Fire Took Heat Perpetual (orchestra)
- Water Possessed II (chamber orch. & Samplestra)
- Variations on Sakura, Sakura II (orchestra)
- Destined (chamber orchestra and samplestra) score

   mvmnt. 1

   mvmnt. 2

   mvmnt. 3
- 40 Changing Orbits (chamber orchestra & full Orch.score

 - Cloud Atlas Symphony (orchestra)   score

   1. Evolving

   2. Meditation

   3. Influence

   4. Groove

   5. Melody

   6. March
- Hologram Spiritual (string orchestra)

- Variations on a Devils Tune (chamber orch.)

Flammenschrift A Fanfare for the Natives of this Earth    (orchestra) score

- Ease (string orchestra)  score

Empty (string orchestra)  score

Water Possessed Afresh (orchestra) 

- Club Crawl (chamber ensemble & DJ) 
   1. Latin Quarters    score   

    2. Fashion Runway

    3. Jazz Open Jam

- Runo Songs (Orchestra)  score

- Für Elise Charleston (chamber Orchestra)     score

- It's Been A Minute Waltz (chamber orchestra)    score

- Falling (chamber orchestra)

- Beethoven’s Erotic Eulogy

   (chamber ensemble, voice and Samplestra)

- A Deeper Purple Overture (chamber ensemble & Sampelstra)

The Arrival  (chamber orchestra)

- Half A Century (orchestra)

Big Band, Wind Ensemble, Concert band
- Crumbs (big band)   score      vid. 
- Roughin’ It (big band)   SCORE
- Mereunge Za Dhenge (big Band)  vid 2.   score
- Mozart ala R&R (Big Band)  score
- First & Last Love   (big band song)
- Halfway Scenes (Wind band)

- Mood With A View (big band) 

- Bach Blues (concert band)

- Cajun Mozart II (big band)  Score

- Weeping  II  (voice & big band) 

- Humbug Jitterbug (big band) Score

- Chopin Swings The Waltz

- Faceless (big band).

Solo with Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, etc

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- Ain’t nobody here

  (Solo Bass, Chamber orch, SATB, rapper)
- Get me out of here alive

  (solo violin and chamber orch.)
- Great expectations (solo piano and string orchestra)      score
- That's the way it is (flt, sax, pf, string orch.)
- Spot-ligıhting shadows (guitar and string orch.)
- Cries and Execration of the Mob

   1. For Madman Only

   2. Grip

   3. Of the Prechers of Death

    (Solo Violin & String orchestra)
- The Impossibility of struggling

   (solo clarinet and big band)
- Life Speeds Away As Time Here Becomes Space

     score 1   score 2 

   (for piano and  string orchestra) 
- Grip (for violin and orchestra)
- Lost Illusions

   mvmnt. 1

   mvmnt. 2

   mvmnt. 3

   mvmnt. 4

  (solo bass elec./dbl., chamber ensemble & samplestra)
- Rock Loco Variations (Solo cello and orchestra)
- Essentially Tragic

   mvmnt. 1

   mvmnt. 2

   mvmnt. 3

  (Electric Bassoon, chamber orchestra & samplestra)
- Not to be Able to Stand Solitude   score

  (Solo violin, chamber orch. & samplestra)

   mvmnt 1

   mvmnt  2 & 3

- The Only True Happiness (solo viola and orchestra)
- Three Stages Of Truth

  (Piano Trio - Piano, Bass & Drums - & Orchestra)
   Stage 1: Ridiculed
   1. Truth Stages    
   2. Ridicule (Piano solo)
   3. Ridicules Dance
   Stage 2: Opposed
   4. Opposition
   5. Violently (Drum solo)
   6. Poetic Injustice
   Stage 3: Accepted
   7. Self-evident
   8. A Flash of Insight (Bass solo)
   9. Accepted #1
   10. Accepted #2
- Reality (sitar & orchestra)
- Unseen (viola d’amour & Orchestra)
- Reality of the Unseen

  (sitar, viola d'amore, violin, mandolin, orchestra & samplestra)
    1. Reality
   2. The Order
   3. Soul Adjustment
   4. Unseen
- The most Incorrigible Vise

  (sitar & string quintet or string orchestra)
- Reinvention          SCORE

(solo piano, Di.J., Bandoneón , sop. sax, Chamber Orchestra)
    1. First movement
    2. Second movement
    3. Third movement
    4. Fourth movement
   5. Fifth movement   
- Corruption in Conference

  (Moog Synth. & concert band)
- Tangent to Curves

  (Bandoneón, Tango Band and Chamber Orchestra)
- The Modes (solo violin and chamber orch.)
- Suite Concerto (bassoon and wind ensemble)
- Incantation  (Solo violin& chamber orchestra)
- llegitimate Conversations (violin, alto sax, orch.)
- Songs so Wild and Wayward

  (solo violin & chamber orchestra)
- Breadth of Rhetoric (bassoon and orchestra)
- Folk Rhetoric (bassoon and string orchestra)
- Cloud Atlas Evocation (piano and orchestra)

- Variations On Japanese Melodies - Sakura, Sakura    

   (violin and orchestra)
- Mind, I Have A Question For You     score

(violin, Di.J. chamber orchestra)
- Felix & Georges Go Clubbin

  (violin chamber ensemble)
- Gangnam Style-Zigeunerweisen

  (violin and cahmber ensemble)

- Sonnets (trumpet and string orch.) 

- Migrational (beat boxer, Di.J. chamber orchestra)   score

- Mendelssohn's Halloween II (violin and chamber


- Migration (beat boxer & orchestra) 

    movment 1              score

    movement 2            score

    movemenr 3            score

- The Cuban Way of Looking at Carmen

    (clarinet and chamber orchestra) 

- Berlin interlude (piano and string orchestra) 

- Berlin interlude Airy (piano and string orchestra) 

TRUMP A Theatrical Concerto (solo violin, singers,

  actors, Di.J. and chamber ensemble)  

     SCORE   Sampler 

- Esteem (trumpet and chamber ensemble) 

- Three Paintings Bout’ New York by Kostabi(violin and big band)  *    

     1. Harmony    2. Mood With A View    3. Greenwich Ave

- Trump a Di.J. Concerto  (Di.J. and orchestra) SCORE

1. USA Chant

2. Presidency Announcement & Mexicans 

3- Wall

4 - China

5 - Melania

6 - Entertainer

7 - Fear & Nasty      score

8 - Tweets

- Mercy (cello, Di.J. & string orchestra) 

- Acclaim (violin & string orch.)

- Mozart’s Step Grandmother (trumpet and big band) score

- Estonian Connections (2 flutes and string orchestra) 

- Reinvention Revisited

    (solo piano, vibraphone, e. gtr. dms., string orch.)
- Mozart’s Step-Grandmother Excerpted

    (trumpet and big band)

- Three Towns for Two Trumpets

     (2 trumpets jazz trio and chamber orchestra) 
- EroicAnization  (Di.J. and chamber ensemble)  score
   1 Eroica Erupted 
   2 Eroica Extracted
   3 Erotic Eroica
   4 Eulogy Eroica 
   5 Erroneous Eroica
   6 Eka Tala Eroica

- Variations on Highway Star (solo cello & chamber ensemble)  score

    {based on music by Ritchie Balckmore, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover,

    Jon Lord, Ian Pace}

- Like (trumpet, synth., string orchestra, bass, percussion)

ChristMess Blues

   (solo violin and string orchestra or string quintet)

- Closest Thing To Joy & Love Duet,      score

   (solo trumpet, 3 trpts., 2 ten. sx., hrn., trb., bs. trb., piano, dbl. bs., drms.)

Chamber Opera/Theatrical
- The tell-tale heart (chamber opera)
- The Devil and Superman (chamber opera)
- Crack/Cocaine

  (3 actors, rapper/singer, 4 guitars, String orchestra, bass and     drums Sequence)

- Nietzsche the Madman (chamber opera)
- Poetic Subjects Eternal
(soprano, baritone, 2 rappers, Samplestra {pre-recorded electronics})

        1. I knew a woman        score

        2. Not Marble, nor the gilded 
        3. A Hymn to God the Father 

- Sweet Washington’s Gaze

(chamber opera for mezzo, baritone and piano)
-The Wedding

(Soprano, Baritone, female chorus, Vc., 2 Gtrs., elec. gtr. )
- Halfway to Heaven scene #4

(chamber opera scene, 7 singers & piano)
- Poetic Subjects Eternal II 

(soprano, baritone, 2 rappers, Samplestra)
- De Maupassant’s Cheaters (chamber opera)
   1. Moonlight
   2. Useless Beauty
   3. The Orderly
- Money 

(soprano, baritone, 2 rappers., trpt., 2 el. gtrs., vc., c.b., sampl.)
    1. The Encyclopedia Definition
   2. MONEY       score
   3. You Will Die
   4. Loan Shark
   5. Satire
   6. Rap Sense
- Money II
(bar., fml. rock voice, 2 rappers, male & female  actors, trmpt,F. hrn., bs. trmb.,  2 e. gtrs, vc., c. bs. & drums)
    1. The Encyclopedia Definition II
    2. MONEY revisited
   3. The Lottery Ticket    score
   4. The Gambler
   5. Need
    6. Money & Politics   score
   7. Capitalism Running Wild
- William James’ Varieties of Religious Experience (chamber opera)
(narrator, tenor, soprano, mezzo soprano, baritone, 2 lc. gtrs., vc., c. bs.)
    1. Introduction
   2. Consciousness of a Presence
   3. Everything Else Might me a dream
   4. The Less Real of the Two
    5. Closer to Me than My Own Breath
   6. William James’ Genuine Perceptions of Truth
   7. Tolstoy
   8. William James' Conclusion
- Manhattan in Charcoal (chamber opera)

  Movement 1   Movement 2   Movement 3   Movement 4

              (click mvmnts for scores)\

- Soubrette auf der Toilette (soprano & piano)

    {words by Ljiljana Winkler and Andreas Winkler)

 - Soubrette auf der Toilette chamber Jazz Version 

   Score (Soprano, trumpet, tenor sax, piano, contra bass, drums) 

- The Meeting

  (sop., ten., bari., trpt., bari. sax., classical gtr., piano)   {story/libretto Roger Aplon}

- The Meeting  V2. 

  (soprano, tenor, baritone, clarinets, cello, piano) 

  {story/libretto Roger Aplon}

- Parenthesis (SATB chorus)
- Between Sleeping and Waking  (SATB chorus)
- On Wine (SATB chorus)
- Wish (SATB chorus and optional piano)
- Faith (SATB chorus˘)
- Kisses (SATB chorus)

- I Heard the Bells (SATB chorus)
- There is Always Music On Christmas

   (SATB  chorus, hand perc., aud. participation.)
- Pascals Contradiction

    (SATB chorus & Percussion Quartet)
- Dickens’s Christmas Carol (SATB chorus & harp)
- Dickens’s Christmas Carol II

    (SATB chorus & string orch.)
- On Wine II (SSATTB chorus)
- Herbert’s Peace (SATB Chorus)
- Faith (SATB Chorus, harp, pf., 2 vl., va., vc., c.b.)
- 5 Japanese Poems (SATB chorus & string quartet)
- Sound and Sense (ssaattbb chorus)

- Four Choral Pieces On Hebrew Letters (chorus)


    2. HEY HEY AYIN *

    3. MEM YUD KAF

    4. NUN TUV HEY  

- Devil (shout voice chorus) sample

- Science Quotes (male chorus)

  {words by.:William Blake, Galileo Galilei, Hippocrates,

    Immanuel Kant, Edgar Allan Poe, Marcel Proust}

- Blissful Surrender (SATB Chorus) {Poetry of Robert C. Ford}
- Vocal Canons (for three voices) 
   1. Against the Tide Canon 
   2. Scat Canon
   3. Disguise Canon

- Animals electronique (narr. and tape)
- Scream for me (electric guitar and tape)
- The Cause (tape)
- Chant Dance (Electronic)
- I ,Who Think, Am Nothing (Electronic)
- Let go of my soul II (Electronic)
- My Heart Goes III (Electronic)
- Fades of Debussy (Electronic)
- Electric Night Dream (Electronic)
- The Brave (Electronic)

- Melancholy, away (Electronic)
- Galamatronic (Electronic)
- Ainu Sitting (electronic)
- Club Worm (electronic)
- Tuvan Calentine (Electronic)
- Camus’ Absurd Man (Electronic)
- Life & Matter (Electronic)
- Trance Sitting (electronic)
- Connections (Guitar & electronics)
- Born Free (Guitar & electronics)
- Speed souls (electronic)
- Embryo illusions (electronic)
- BB Gun (eslectronic)
- The Double (electronic)

- Circuit Red

- Illusion blue
- What I’ve come to know (electronics and dancers)
- Kaleeso (hip-hop song/electronic)
- Akoola (hip-hop song/electronic)
- Saint-Saens Dance (electronic)
- Debussy Lounge (electronic)
- Junk Fragment (electronic)
- Cello Lounge (electronic music feat. the cello)
      1. Debussy's Lounge

    2. BB Gun

    3. Tabla Cello

    4. The Double

    5. San Sans

    6. Kaleeso

    7. Rococo at Twilight

    8. Pravajay

    9. Akoola

   10. Lounge 101

   11. Infinity

   12. Firmly Frozen

  13. Brahmsian

  14. Yolachka Bells  

  15. Recon.

  16. Dead Souls

- Sip (electronics)

- Inside (electronics)
- A Tribal Second (electronic)

- Transcend the Strange 1 - 5 (electronic)
- Raga Profound Magic (electronic)
- A CaSampella (electronic)
- Healing Paradox (electronic)
- Unseen Reality
- Wolf Rave
- Revolving  (electronic)
- Revolve Residue  (electronic)
- Cellular Diaspora (movie score)
- Why Should Calamaty be Full of Words (electroncic)
- America Electronique (narrator, Di.J.)
- AHY-DUH-HOH-UHN Remix (electronic)
- Paroxysm (electronic)
- Paroxysm Extract   (electronic)
- Death Preacher (electronic)
- Rivals Electrified (electronic)
- RetroCelloTango (electronic)
- Dark (electronic)
- Love Slave ReMix (electronic)  {David Morneau}

Golden Legs ReMix (Mr. Zarko) 

Clubbin’ Remix 

- Clubbin’ Remix Recut 

- Just

- Klaim 

- Per

- Sonnet #55 ReMix 

- Leck Mir Den Arsch Fein Recht Schön Sauber 

   {based on W. A. Mozart}

- Doug D. Remix (Di.J.)

- Beethoven ReMix (Di.J.)

- Monotone ReMix {music of Paul Mills}  (electronic)

- Russia Old & New  (cello and Samplestra)

- Hark The groove (electronic)

Latvian ReMix 1 & 2 (solo Di.J.) Video

- Sleep Grooves (12 electronics tracks) 

- Fortune Favors The Rave (electronic track)
- One Slide Fits All (6 channel electronic piece)

- Ambient Rainer (electronic)

Songs for rock/hip-hop/jazz band, etc.

- So you can go on with the Future
- Spiritual guide
- Down
- Wrong
- Breath

- Breath Rap
- Hole in My Soul
- Look Around
- About Time    (live rec.)
- Explanation
- Negativity
- Subway Salvation
- Used  to be Blue
- Drinking Youth
- Reference to the past
- Luck
- Carcassi Etude #23/Present state of mind
- More
- One’s Head Too
- Yuppi Wrap
- Deh Viene Alla Finestra
- Was it so Late Freind
- Vanity
- Blood of the Outrages
- No Truth
- Ground Zero
- Definition

- Rap Sense

- Mendelssohn’s Halloween
- Exhausted
- Brahms Infinity
God Dammit
- High Hopes 1999
- What Shall I do

- Strive

- Loan Shark
- Which of the days

-- Drop Of Blood (Hip-hop band & Electronics)

- B-Boy {co written with David Banks}   score
- Gordions Knot (hip-hop band)
- Desperate (hip-hop band and Electronics)
- Fake (hip-hop band and Electronics)
- Smiles (for female voice, band and Electronics)
- Nerve Crashes (song for voice and hip-hop/rock band)  score
- Nasty Thoughts (Hip-hop band & Electronics)
- Visions Status

   (female voice, rapper, r&b band, electronics)
- Valentine (r&b song for band, four male voices)
- X-tasy (Dance song for female voice & electronics)
- Look Around 2001 (Rock song)
- Drive Them Crazy

   (hip-hop w/ female voice & electronics)
- Listens (hip-hop/rock)
- Ne Pravajay (electronic w/ female voice)
- First & Last Love (r&b/hip-hop song)
- Lover (female voice & hip-hop band)
- 1,000 Rounds (hip-hop song)
- Makin’ It Happen (hip-hop song)
- Hitched (jazz song)
- Blue Sky (rap
- Kaleeso (hip-hop song/electronic)
- Akoola (hip-hop song/electronic)
- Modern day opera (rap tracks for the Gheenyou)
- Cold as I am (Pop/electronic song)
- Concentration

  {co-written with David banks} (hip-hop song)
- Cool it out {co-written with David banks} (r&b song)
- Happy Anniversary (r&b song)
- Answer (r&b/rock song)
- Just Another Anniversary Song
(r&b song)
- Global Serenity (voice/rappers, trmpt., gtr., cello, c.b.)
- Capitalism Running Wild

  (2 rappers, bass, gtr., drms., samplestra)
- Gamble On

  (2 rappers, trumpet, 2 violins, 2 cellos, piano, gtr., bs., drms.)
- Evening Star

  (baritone, 2 rappers, cello, 2 gtrs., bs., drums., samplestra)
- Need (rock song)
- Boxes (hip-hop)
- Poetic Injustice Song Cycle
   1. People, 2. Was It So Late Friend, 3. Resist, 4. More,   

     5. Look Around, 6. Hot Tub,
   7. Poetic Injustice,8. Cunnilingus, 9.  Born Free, 10.Freestyle

- In Hours

- Closer to Me than My Own Breath
- Outcome of the Wine

  (vocals, rappers, trumpet, gtr., bs., drms.)
- Tragic (hip-hop song)
-Convivio (song)
- Breath (r&b version)
- Weeping  (r&b song)
{based on W. A. Mozart’s ‘Lacrimosa’) Score
- Dream Residue  (r&b song)

- House of Love (funk song) {words by Rose Hackl}  

- Setting Free the Funk (funk band)

- Come Sunday Funk (funk Band)

- Fake Body & Soul (hip-hop/funk band)

- Keep On’ (funk band) {co written with Anya Migdal}

Criminal Cello’s Gone We Miss You (hip-hop song)

- Our Love's Birthday (song)  Score

- Every Time I See Your Smile (song)

- Migration Song Chart (melody, harmony & rhythm)

- Signify (voice, rapper, violin, trpt., horn, bs. trb., bass, drums, 


Grab Them By The Pussy (polka song)

- Only Knowing (song) 
- We @ The Party (hip-hop song)
- Purcell Laid back Groove (voice and band)

- Signify II (voice, gtr., trpt., t. sax, Bs. trb., bs., drms.)
- Slipper Slo
pe   (song) {words by Erik T. Johnson}
- Renascence from Nietzsche the Madman   Link 2

   (2 voices and chamber ensemble) 

What We Got Here Now      score

  (rapper, female voice, trumpet, e. guitar, e. bass & drums)
- Where Is That River  (song) {words: Robbie Fieldes}   score

    (voice, string quartet, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, Rhythm section)

- Status (song)
- Path (song) 
- Stray-in-Place Song Cycle       info page 

   (voice, 2 guitars, bass, drum set)  {Poetry: Erik T. Johnson} 
   1. Hinges
   2. Winter's Heart Attack 
   3. The Masks 
   4. Drinking Song
   5. Revenge
   6. No Illness
- What Matters (hip-hop/r&b song)  score

- The Two Of Them, (song) {poetry by Joseph Brodsky}

- And You Thought I Was That Type (song)

   {poetry of Anna Akhmatova}

- Funeral Blues (song)  {Poetry of W.H. Auden)}

- 9-Months Earlier (rock song for 2 voices and rock band)  score

   {Poetry of Robert C. Ford}

- Complicit (hop-hop song)  score

- The Biggest Lie (Trickle Down) (rock song) {poetry by Robert C. Ford} 

- Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday (song)

- Puzzle Complete

   (The You Of Me) (rock song) :poetry of Robert C. Ford

- Outside (r&b song) {co written with David Banks}    score

    {lyrics: david Banks}  video

- Better now (rap song)  video

- Outside II  {co written with David Banks} 

     (voice, trpt., sx., 2 e. gtrs., bs., drms.)

-B-Boy (song) {co written with David Banks & Ninni Lindh}

-The Difference Unhappiness (song chart version)

- I'm On A Lucky Streak With You (song)

-Eulogy (song)

- Lengthen This Song (rock song) {poem by Erik T. Johnson}

- Portrait In My Locket (song) {poem by Erik T. Johnson}

Large Chamber (7 or more players)
- Down went uncle Sol *

   (tenor, soprano, 13 piece chamber ensemble)
- Kromee Machee *

   (male vc, pf, drum set, string qrt., harp)
- Adversaries *

   (Cl.., bsn., trp., trb., perc., vl., bs.)
- Terminal Shock 2 poems by Rich “Starblack” Glica *

   (flt., cl., gtr., congas, 4 cellos, reader)
- The Gambler *

  (alt sax, ten. sax, Bar. sax, trp, trb, pf, gtr, bass, drm, rapper )
- Fluid  (flt., cl., bsn., vl., vc., bs., vibe.,pf.)
- Sex And Death *

  (Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe & String Quartet)
- Fix II   (Cl., Bsn., Trp., Trb., Perc., Vl. C.b.) *  Score
- Chopin Prelude 20th/21st  (hip-hop band with cello)*
- Pascals Contradiction *

   (SATB chorus & Percussion Quartet)
- Dodecamountainphonic (large chamber ensemble) * score

-  Transfigured Swin(chamber big band)*  Score
- Idea + Hindrance=Desire II (large chamber ensemble)*
- FD Fanfare/Fathers Day Fanfare (brass) *
- Benign/Malignant (mandolin orchestra)
- Circuit *

  (Cl., bsn., trp., trb., drum set., gtr., pf., vl., bs., samplestra)
- Smaller Gates *

 (Cl., bsn., trp., trb., drum set., gtr., pf., vl., bs., samplestra)
- Self-Evident (trumpet, piano, string quintet)

- Vise (synth./gtr, trpt., F.h., ten. sax, bsn., bs. trbn.)or (gtr, 2 trpts., F.h., ten. sax, b. trbn./tuba, e. bs., drms.) *
- Sarangi Surround (2 trmpts., sax., horn., b.trb, tb., gtr., kys., bs., drms, samplestra) *

- Me & The Devil

(2 trpts., hrn, sax, bs. trb., tb.,  gtr., synth., bs., drms., smpl.)
- Come on In My Kitchen  *

 (3 vlns., flt., 2 clnts., 6 bsns., gtr., bs., drms. smpl.)
- Journey of a Blues Melody (large chamber ensemble)*
- Club Fanfare (sop., ten., vl., vc., 2 pfs., trb., c.b., gtr.)*
- America (narrator and chamber septet) *
- Expedition *

(cello, piano, guitar, drums, brass quintet, Di.J./samplestra)
- Sound Traveler (mixed big band) *  score
- Vivaldi’s Hot House *  

  (sl. violin, va., vc., trmpt, gtr., bs., drms.)
- Euro Trash Can  (chamber ensemble) *
- Trembling (satb voices, vl., hrn., vc., bs. trbn.) *
- Illegitimate Blues (Vl., Vc., gusle, gtr., synth., bs., drms) *
- Basho’s Rain *

  (low female voice, ob., va., hrn., cntr. bs., pf.)
- Schools Out (bar. vx., 2 violinsl, va., vc., c.b., pf., perc.) *
- TACTIC (8 pianists on 1 piano) *
- Bach Blues (3 vlns., flt., 2 clnts., 6 bsns., bs., drms.) *
- Zin’s Dixie (cl., trpt., sax., trb.., gtr., pf., bs., drms.) *
- Grip III (solo clarinet 2 Eb Cl., 4Bb CK., 2 Bs. Cl) *
- For Madman Only II (clarinet ensemble) 
- Smooth Rhetoric *

(sax or other solo instmnt., strings., bass., perc., drms.)

- Rite of Spring Through an Eclectic Spectrum *

(voice, rappers, trumpet, 2 guitars, bass, percussion, drums)
    1. Introduction
   2. Spring Swing
   3. Rivals
   4. Dream Residue
   5. Sacrifice               score
   6. The Chosen One
   7. Rite of Spring Jam
   8. Dance
- Spring Swing (vl., cl., trpt., bsn., gtr., bs., drms) *
- Rhythm Changes Suite II (12 clarinets) *
- Rite of Spring Introduction to Groove

  (5 voices, bs., djembe, drums)
- Spring Swing II  *

   (flt., cl., bsn., alt. sax, trmpt., trmb., vls., vas., vcs.,pf.,drm., bs.)
- TACTIC II (8 pianists on 1 piano)

- Lines From a Canvas (narrator and chamber ensemble)
- Plié (sax quartet, pf., bs., drms.)

Faces of Asymmetry 

   (2 pts., hrn., 2 sx., 2 trmb., pf., gtr., bs., drms) 

- Forced Bravery (10 drum sets)  score

- Come Sunday Funk II

   (vl., trpt., a. sax., bsn., gtr., bs., drms.) 

- The Maissontet's Family Tree - To a film by John Akre    

      (chamber ensemble)

- House of Love II

  (trpt., horn, s. sax, T. sax, trb., bs. trb., gtr., keys, bs., drms.)

- Schubert Freeze blues II (chamber ensemble)

- Canon - Speak Your Mind II  (chamber ensemble)

Migration Song (beat boxer, sax quartet, piano, bass, drums)

- Berlin Suite (cl., t. sx., trpt., trb., vl., vc., gtr., pf., bs., drms.)

     1. Overture

     2. “You are crazy, my child. You must go to Berlin”
     3. Interlude #1

    4. “I still keep a suitcase in Berlin”, Marlene Dietrich

    5. Interlude #2

    6. Farewell Berlin

- The Jewish ways of Looking at Carmen

   (cl., 2 vlns., bs. trb., piano, bs., drums)

- Beneath the Watching and Attentive Eyes of Time

   (cl., 2 vlns., bs. trb., piano, bs., drums

- Absorb (Elc. Guitar, - String quartet,piano, bass, drums)

Roundtrip (Ten Sx, trpt., horn, bs. trb., 2 e. gtrs., piano, e. bs., drums)

- We Are Spinning Our Own Fates

   (string quartet, contra bass, tabla, Di.J.)

- Morse Code - early jazz (chamber octet) 

     {co composed withJohnny Klimek, Tom Tykwer}

- Dark Babel - early jazz (chamber octet) 

     {co composed withJohnny Klimek, Tom Tykwer}

- Soul / Seoul Wave (trpt., el. gtr., el. piano, el. & contra bass, 

    drms.,Yanggeum, Ajaeng, Gayageum, Janggo Drum, Di.J. rap) 

- Quotes From People Born On July 18   score 

     (2 narrators, trumpet, 4 hand piano, bass, drum, Di.J.) 

Soul Fragment Tango II (clarinet ensemble) 

- Outreach Fanfare 'SCHWAzxIT' (Euphonium, trb, bs. trb., tuba,

     sax quartet, horn, ac. gtr., elec. gtr., bs., drms.)
- Solemnity (horn, bs. trb., accordion, vibraphone, cabasa,

    djembe, tambourine)
- Folk Rhetoric III 
(flt., ob., trpt., trb., e. gtr., keys, drms., vl., vc., c.b.) 
- Gates II (chamber ensemble & Samplestra)
- Variations on a Devils Tune II  (chamber ensemble) 

- Loco Motion (9 piece chamber ensemble)

- RoundTable (string quartet & percussion quartet)  Score

- Sisyphus - Sinner Condemned II         score

     (soprano, narrator, vl., elect. gtr., vib., bs., drums )

- Esteem (trumpet and chamber ensemble)

- Radio Melt (beat boxer, Di.J. chamber ensemble)  

- Battleship Potemkin (flt., cl., bsn., trpt., pf., vl., vc., c.b 

  and Di.J.)     

     1. Men and Maggots

     2. Drama on the Deck    Score

     3. A Dead Man Calls For Justice

     4. The Odessa Steps

     5. One Against All

- Migration Song II (Beat Boxer & chamber ensemble) 

- Waiting IV (e.gtr., hrn., glcok., h.h.,hand drm.)

- Drip (Gamelan Ensemble)

- Lead To It Through A Context (Gamelan Ensemble)

Criminal Cello S'gone We Miss You II  (voice, rapper ensemble)

- Maggots Concerto

    (solo baritone sax, trpt., vl., pf., bs., drms.)

    1. Maggots      score   

    2. Larva

   3. Butterflies 

- Berlin Symphonies Remix  (chamber ensemble)

   {based on CPE Bach}*

-  Midsummer Night's Scream  (chamber ensemble)

   {based on F. Mendelssohn}*

-  Schwaz Present  (large ensemble) 
- The Man Who Loved Locks    SCORE

     (narrator, 2 flutes, bassoon, trumpet, e. guitar, contra bass)

    {based on poetry of Erik T. Johnson}

- Silence Is Still Violence (2 sx., 4 trpts., hrh., trb., tuba, pf., bs., drms.)
- The Strength Of Diversity (Don’t Marry Your Cousin)    score

    (narr., 2 alto sx., 2 el. gtr.,2 bs. trb.)  {Poetry of Robert C. Ford}

- Mamie Smith’s Blues History (Di.J. & chamber ensemble)

- Silence Is Devastating        score

     (e. guitar, 3 trumpets., 3 saxs., trb., pf., bs., drms.) 
- What Matters II

   (rapper, female voice, 3 trumpets., 3 saxs., trb., pf., bs., drms.)
- Serendipity    score

    (woodwind quintet and 3 tap dancers/body percussionists) 

Time Does Not Bring Relief    score

    (soprano, male r&b voice, trumpet, ten. sax, e. gtr., e. bs.,drms.)

- Time Does Not Bring Relief II

   (soprano, male r&b voice, violin,  e. gtr., keys, e. bs., drms.)

- The Sauce (2 trpts.., 3 tenor sx., gtr., bs., drms.)
- Science Poems (narr., sop., sx., bar. sx., 2 e. gtrs., piano,

              string qrt., tap dancer/body perc.)  

  {on poetry of: Roger Aplon, Robert C. Ford, Erik T. Johnson}
- Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday Jazz Ensemble

     (voice, 2 trumpets., 4 tenor sax, gtr., bs., drums)
- Infinity Of The Soul II

     (trp., alt. sx., tn. sx., trb., piano, double bass, drums) 

- Hey, Human     score

  (e. guitar, cello, ten. sax, piano, bass, drums, congas)  
- Quotes From People Born On July 9th

     (narrator, 3 sopranos, violin, el. guitar, el. bass, piano)
- Lucky Fanfare (4 trpts., alt. sx., ten. sx., trb., bs. trb., perc.) score

- Inhibitive Control II  (7 e. guitars and e. bass)

- Motion Fanfare

  (clr., sop. sx., trpt., el gtr., ctr. bs., vibe., marmb.-2 plrs., cajon, tap/bd. perc.)

- Portraits 1 & 2 - Vitaly & Alex The Original Dancing Bears

   (sop., flt., ten. sx., tuba, e.gtr., hrp., pf., vl., vc.,)

    {co composer with David Soldier}

- Suite Inn (Brass ensemble) *   score
   I. River Inn-tro
   II. Alcoh-Polka By The River
   III. The Waltz Inn Blues
   IV. Tributary
   V. Inn River marCH-art 1
   VI. Inn River mar-CHart 2

- Tribute Suite (alt. sx., tn. sx., 5 trpts., trb., bs. trb., pf., bs., drms.)  score

   1. Alcah-Polka

   2. The Waltz Inn Blues       score

   3. Tribute        score

Small Chamber (4 to 6 players)
- As I recall (string quartet) *
- Perhaps...well maybe not  *

   (violin, cello, percussion, piano)
- The Human condition: between Appetite & Ingenuity  *

  (Rapper/Narrator,  2 guitars, bass,  drums.) or

   (vc., 2 elec. gtrs. c. bs., drms.[smplstra])

- Various temperatures (brass quintet)  *
- Mr. Minuit lost the instruction manual  *

   (elect. gtr, bass, perc., drum set)
- Cajun Mozart
(Cl., Vl., 2 Gtrs., Bs., Drms.)*
- Sometimes, Too Much So *

   (bassoon, rapper, 2 guitars, bass, drums.)
- Mozart and  21st century Klezmer  *

  (clarinet, 2 guitars, bass, drums)  
- A happy kind of saddens (Vl, Va, vc, c.b., Pf.)
- Idea + Hindrance=Desire  

  (Flt., Alt. sax, Vl., Vc., Drum Set, Pf.)
- Universal Nights  *

  (violin, elc. gtr, elc. bass, Synthesizer, drum set, group of       readers.)
- Fix (percussion qrt)  *
- So you can go on with the future (Rapper, jazz combo)  *
- Universal songs (rapper/vx, gtr, pf, bs, drms)  
- Blood (Solo trombone and rock band)   *
- She’s so chaconne 2 (4 trombones and tuba)   *
- We Call Upon the Earth (baritone and string quartet)   *   score

-  Look Around (vl, gtr, piano, bass, drum set)
- Dissecting Rembrandt (piano eight hands)  *
- All Our Gods are so Lazy (string quartet)   
- To See the Ashes of our Fires Turn Gray and Cold  *

  (2 violins, cello, bass)
- But How Will You Die When Your Time Comes

  (2 trpts, f.h., trb.)
- Cancer Ward (percussion quartet)  *  SCORE
- Two Dances From Satans Great Ball (guitar quartet)

      mvmnt 1,   mvmnt 2     SCORE

- The Difference (piano quintet)  *

    1. Courage    score

    2. Serenity    score

    3. Wisdom    score

Falls to with an Appetite (clarinet and string quartet)  *
- System  (4 cellos)
- Of the Friend

  (Tenor, flt., cl., vl., va., vc.) text: F. Nietzsche
- The Vanity of Existence    score

  (string Quartet and pre-recorded Electronics)
- Uncomfortable Superstitions 

  (string quartet, elec. bass, congas)
- What Shall I Do II (solo vl. & string quartet)  *
- Opposite of suffering=Boredom

  (string Quartet and pre-record ed Electronics)
- My Heart Goes  *  SCORE

(string quartet & pre-recorded Electronics)
- Water Possessed

(string quartet & pre-recorded Electronics)
- Soul Fragments

(string quartet & pre-recorded Electronics)
- Paradoxes (string quintet & pre-recorded Electronics)
- My Heart Goes II (band and pre-recorded Electronics)*
- Let go of my soul (band and pre-recorded Electronics)*
- Residue (vl., vc., piano, djembe [or any hand drum])
- Everywhere In Chains (vl., va., vc., pf.)  SCORE
- The Pigeon *

 (Baritone or Mezzo-soprano, flt., cl., piano, Samplestra)
- NY, Sept. 11th Requiem

  (violin, tenor/soprano sax, marimba/conga, Samplestra)
- More Enchantments of vanity *

  (brass quintet & drum set)
- Credit System of Truth (string quartet)

   mvmnt. 1,  mvmnt. 2,  mvmnt. 3., mvmnt. 4,
- Accept the Inevitable Consciously (flute quartet) * Score
- Drummer Dances (clarinet quartet)  *    Score
- At a Respectful Distance  (Cl., Vl., Vc., Pf.)
- A 21st Century Reconstruction of J. S. Bach  *

 (bs. trmb., c. bs. emsmbl.,& samplestra)
- Poem #3 (Reflections in sound on the poem: 'Song from - - Zapolya' by Samuel Taylor Coleridge) 

  (clarinet & string quartet)
        1. Sweet bird
        2. Love's dreams prove se
ldom true
        3. Far, far away!
- The Living Unutterable (trombone quartet)
- Unutterable (2 elec. gtrs. vc. & c. bass) 
- Love Quotes (soprano, tenor, violin, cello)
- Ashes (2 elec. guitars, cello, C. bass) *
- In School-days (sop., cl., trmp., vl., vc. & drm. st.)
- Conscious Fluids (cl., e. gtr., 2 vls., va., vc.) *
- Recon. *

 (baritone, cello, 2 electric guitars, contra bass & samplestra)
- Self-Laceration (flt., cl., vl., vc., pf.) *
- Silence is Unhealthy *

  (trumpet, el. guitar., bs. trombone, cello)
- The most Incorrigible Vise  *

(sitar & string quintet or string orchestra) 

   mvmnt 1 

   mvmnt 2

   mvmnt 3      SCORE

   mvmnt 4 
- So It Goes (brass quintet & DiJ.)    Score
- Inexhaustible Torrent of Fair Forms

(bassoon & String quartet)
- Sound Liberation Improvisation #’s 1-3  *

    #1,  #2,   #3

  (open instrumentation) 
- Sound Liberation Improvisation #’s 4-6

    (open instrumentation) 

   #4,  #5,  #6

- Sound Liberation Improvisation #’s 7-8  *

   #7,   #8,   #9

- As With A New and Strange Desire  *

  (elec.gtr., trmpt., Fr. hrn., Bs. trbn.)
- Satire (bar., trnpt., cello., 2 e.gtrs., bs.)  *
- Inhibitive Control (bass sextet)
- The Hanukkah Song Incident (brass quintet)
- The Order (bassoon, gtr., piano, bs., drms.)  *
- The Living Unutterable 2 (2 trmb., hor., bs. trb., tb.) 
- A Challenge to the Dark  *

  (narr., flt., trpt., bs. cl., stl. strg. gtr., vl., vc.)
- Varieties of Religious Experience Suite {VRE Suite}

  (2 elec. gtrs., vc., c. bs., drums)
1. Introduction
 2. Consciousness of a Presence
3. Everything Else Might me a dream
 4. The Less Real of the Two
5. Closer to Me than My Own Breath
 6. William James’ Genuine Perceptions of Truth
 7. Tolstoy
 8. William James' Conclusion
- Unsubstantiality of Things (cl., bsn., gtr., pf., c.b., drms.)
- Blues Head & 7 Solos (open instrumentation)
- Blues Head & 5 Solos (open instrumentation)
- Variation #2 on Arioso-Andante by Johann Michael Malzat (trpt, horn, gtr., bs., drms.) *
- Reinvention Tango

 (2 Bandoneons, 2 violins, piano, bass)
- Sigmund Says (narr., t   frpt., cl., e. gtr., e. bs.)  *
- R&B: Rhythm & Boccherini  *

  (solo vc., vl., va., trmb., el gtr., e. bs.)
- Vice 2 (sitar, vl, 2 vc., gtr., bass)
- Vice 3 (sitar, string quartet, electronics)
- Dixie kinda Journey (trmpt., cello, 2 gtrs., bs., drms.) *
- Conjuring the Moon (flt., vl., vc., perc. Samplestra) *
- Digits (vl., vc., elec. gtr., elec. bs.) *
- Five Pantatonic Ragas *

  (vl., vc., trmpt., hrn.,  bds. trbmn.)
- Reconsidering Jobim
   1. Reconsidering Ipanema (2 vibes, 2 cellos guitar, bs.)
   2. reconsidering Desefenado (4 e. gtr., electronics)
- Everyday Dust (brass quintet) *  score
- Inexhaustible (gtr., flt., vl., bs. cl., mar., pf.) *
- Here (voice, violin, gtr., bs.) *
- More Enchantments of Vanity II (woodwind quintet) *
- Dvorka Blue (chart - open instrumentation) *
- Waiting 2 (Vl., gtr., bs., drms.) *
- Deep Time 2 (3 main lines, bs., drms.)   Vid   score
- Dixie Kinda Journey 2 (Vl., bsn., gtr., pf., bs., drms.)
- Aeon II (flt., trmpt., vl., va., vc., c.b.)  *
- Recycle  *

 (soprano, baritone, acoustic guitar, contra bass, percussion)
- Prophet (vl., vc., elec. gtr., elec. bs.) *
Losing All Hope (string quartet & Samplestra) *
- =(oboe, guitar, bass, percussion) *
- NYC II (trpt., hrn., bs. trb., guitar, bass)  *
- Grooves on Schoenberg's String Quartet #2  *

  (trpt., hrn., bs. trb., guitar, pf.)
- Digits III (vl., gtr., bsn., el. bs., drms.)  *
- Schoenberg Trio II (trpt., cl., gtr., bs., drms.)  *
- Intoxicated with Sadness  *    score

  (violin, clarinet, trumpet, bassoon)
- Lightnin’Hopkins Suite (2 vls., cl., 3 bsns., Samplestra) *
- Vivaldi Tango (2 violins, viola, 3 bassoons) *
- Poetic (String quartet and drum set)
- A Question For The Mind *

 (Di.J., horn, bsn., ele. bs., marimba, samplestra)
- Love Is Like The Measles (ob., bs., vl., vc.)  *
- Ostinatos/Solos #1 (2 grts., 2 bs., drums)
- E - Cause (4 voices- any instruments)
- Skate (2 violins, cello, piano & Samplestra with video) score

- Moscow Evenings Variations (clarinet & string quartet)  *

- Evening is Falling Variations (clarinet & string quartet)  *

- Variations on My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama (6 guitars)

- Ostinatos/Solos #2 (4 voices)

- Elegant Piles of Refuse (saxophone quartet)  Score

- Poetic (string quartet) 

- Open Arms Could Still Define a Home *

       (trpt., hrn., bs. cl., trb., timp, Di.j.) 

- Lacerations & Lesions (flt., vl., keys., el. bs., perc.) *

- Frozen Schubert BOOK 1 (bassoon and string quartet)  

- Venial (percussion quartet)  * 

- Schubert Freeze II (bass trombone & string quartet)  score

- Schubert Freeze Blues (bsn., vl., trpt., gtr., bs., drms.)*

- Gas Chorale II (tenor sax, melodica, guitar, bass, drums, electronics)

- Folk Rhetoric II (vl., trpt., bsn., gtr., bs., drms.) *

- Mourning (vl., trpt., bsn., gtr., bs., drms.)  *

- Canon - Speak Your Mind  (vl., trpt., bsn., gtr., bs., drms.) *

- A Question For The Mind II (Flt., Cl., Piano, Vl., Vc.,) 

- Soothe Blues (beat boxer and sax quartet)*

- Doubt As Sin (flt., Va., ac. gtr., pf.)*  score

- Seem to Bemoan Their Imprisonment   

   (trumpet, tenorsax, piano, bass)

In Motion (sop. sx., alt. sx. vibes, DJ) *

- Machine Gun Lick Gets Varied (4 electric guitars) *

- Vection       Score

   (tap/body percussion, trumpet, 2 elec. gtrs., bass, drums) *

- Loss Occupied (5 violins, rapper and Samplestra) *

- Novecento - the Legend of the Ocean Pianist *

   1. Ouverture                             8 A Waltz

   2 Wild Soprano Sax Solo         9 Bluesy & Sad

   3. Short Ragtimy Thing         10  Party Music

   4. Show tune                    11 'You smoke it. I don’t know how to'

   5. Magic Piano            12 'And I Don’t Give a Shit About Jazz' 

   6  First Class Piano         13. The sea, Musically

   7 Storm Music                  14 Finale 

- Novecento - the Legend of the Ocean Pianist Suite *    Score

- Expedition Continued     score

    (trumpet, String quartet, Samplestra)  *

- Gears (flute, Guitar, Udu, Cajon) *  score

- Poem #2 Version 2 (Reflections in sound on the poem: 'The

  Carcass'' by Charles Baudelaire) 

    (electric guitar, trumpet, piano   & drum set) *

- Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without (brass quartet)  score

Looking For Poochini (alt. sx., bs. trb., pf., drms.) * score
- Raw With Love (narrator, sop. sx., alt. sx., elect., gtr.) *

- Gears II (flute, piano, Udu, Cajon) * score

- Dawn in New York (mezzo soprano, flute, horn & drum set) {on

   poetry of Federico García Lorca} * score

- How far 2 Zuccotti Park (narrator, flute, oboe, bass clarinet) *

   {on poetry of Paul Mills} 

- How far 2 Zuccotti Park II *

   (narrator, clarinet, bassoon, trombone, fretless elc. gtr., elec.

   gtr., contra bs.) {on poetry of Paul Mills} 

- No One Listens To (violin, cello, guitar quartet)*

- Clap (Di.J. & 3 percussionists - any instrument) *  Score
- Maggots (bari. sx. & 5 piece chamber ensemble) *
- Kostabi Melody Variations II (version 2) * 

   (clarinet, trumpet, violin and electric guitar) 
- Berlin Party Music (brass quintet & drum set) *
- Here II (trpt. hrn. bs. trb. triangle) 

Revisited Residue (accordion and string quartet) 

- Dowland Meditations (countertenor, tap dancer/percussion,

           classical gtr., elec. gtr., Piano) *   score
- The Aria Sinking (graphic score for 4 or more voices)  *
- In Motion II  (soprano sax, alto sax, piano, bass and drums)
- Elements (open instrumentation) *
- Revealed Knowledge (oboe, sitar, e. guitar & perc.)* score

- An Even More Nebulous Cha Cha (2 cellos, Tablas,

  drum set)

- Torrents (ob., cl., alt. sx., bsn., bs. cl.) 

- Journey Poems (soprano, flute, cello, percussion,


- Pilgrimage (clarinet, e. guitar, bass, drums)*  score

- Larva Rising (cl., e. gtr., e. bs., drms.) *

- Disruptive Forms of Nonsense II           score

     (vl, trpt., pf., bs., drms.) *
- Sentient (
vl, trpt., gtr., pf., bs., drms.) *  score
- The Misinformation Effect (vl., trb., pf., bs.,
- Warhol’s Guns (tap dancer, violin, horn., e. gtr., e. bs.,

     congas, video Simpelstra) *
- Kostabi-isms (narrator, vl., cl., trpt., e. bs.,

- Canon - Speak Your Mind III

        (4 trumpets, rhythm section, drums)
- Knowing You Know Nothing

       (trumpet, bass clarinet, contra bass, piano) 
mvmnt. 1
mvmnt. 2
mvmnt. 3
- Salon (chart) *
- Less Sentient (trumpet, guitar, bass, drums) *
- Sordid Canon (trpt., gtr., bass, drums)
- Schubert Freeze II (bass trombone and sax quartet)
- The Devil Would Die In His Own Tracks Of Ennui      

   (bass trombone & sax quartet)
- Lost City- A Battle for Four Percussionists *

    (4 percussion)  Score
- David Bowie Variations *
   1. Variations on My Favorite 2 Bars from Ashes to     

        Ashes (trpt., hrn., bs. trb., el. gtr.)
   2. All The Young Dudes Choral
   3. Fame Groove

- Mozart & 21st Century Klezmer II *

    (cl., trpt., t. sax., gtr., bs., drms.)        

- Subsume (2 elect. gtrs., 3 Classical gtrs..) *  Score
- Sweet Praise Suite (accordion and string quartet)
   1 - Praise Prelude 
   2 - Tribute Fugue
   3 - Dance of Acclaim
   4 - Testament Song
- Further Uncomfortable Superstitions (string quartet)
- Sometime Sublime (vibraphone, guitar, bass, drums) *  score
- Hand In Hand (trumpet, guitar, bass, drums) *
- Granite (trumpet, guitar, bass, drums) *   Score

- The Caring Dead  (narrator, trumpet, elec. gtr., bass, drums)

     {on poetry of Erik T. Johnson} *
- Splice (soprano, violin, trumpet., bari sax, piano)  *

     {on poetry of Heather Green}
- I'm Going Extinct Heart First *   Score

     (violin, Domra, bass balalaika, accordion) *
- Ghost Poems (Narr., trpt., el. gtr. 2 cl. gtr., piano) *
- It's a Whalebellied Sky, Butterfly (Cl., gtr., pf., cntr.. bs., Cajon)*

- Journey Strut Unleashed (trpt., br. sx., e. gtr., e. bs., hand drums) *
- Pets Throughout My Life (vl., bs. trb., pf. 4 hands, drums)  score
- Uncomfortable Poetics (string quartet) *
   1. Poetics
   2. Uncomfortable

- Blue Danube Blues (chart) *
- The Arithmetic of Living  / What We Got Here Now score

    (trumpet, e. guitar, e. bass & drums) *
- Oh My Dear Bembe Daddy

   (Soprano, trumpet, 2 e. guitars, e. bass & drums) {based on Puccini) *
- Happiness is Unmoored (violin, trumpet, e. guitar, bass clarinet) *
- Density Intensity (Di.J., trumpet, piano, e. bass, drums) *  score
- May The Great Ark Save The Drones

   (contralto, baritone, trumpet, e. guitar) 

Dances Shmances (4 trumpets)  score *
- Pack (percussion quartet) 

- We Have Won, You Have No Say (Flt., vl., cl., pf.)  *  score
- Away (piano & string quintet)    score
- Intimacy (trpt, tn. sx., pf., bs.) 
- May The Great Ark Save The Drones II

   (contralto, Baritone, trumpet., e. gtr., e. bs., drms) 
- Early Retirement {a silent film score)   score

   (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, and piano)

Source (trpt., gtr., bs., drms.)  score
- Now Is the Winter of Our Discoteque (vl., tn,. sx., e. gtr., pf., e. bs., drms)

- In Motion III (trpt, tn. sax, e; gtr., bs., drms.) 
- The Creation Of Disappearance  (violin, clarinet, cello and piano)   score
- We (trumpet, e. gtr., piano, e. bs., cajon)   score
- The Omnipotent Sorcerer  (trpt., va., Bar. sx., e. gtr., hand drum)

-  Quarantine Blues II (trumpet, guitar, bass, drums)

- Because Of The Air We Breathe (trumpet & string quartet)     score
- Pete’s Pots (flower pots & percussion quartet)
   Movement 1
   Movement 2
   Movement 3
   Movement 4    
- Ludwig’s Night Out (e. gtr., keys, e. bs. , drms.)  score
- No Justice, No Peace (2 melodic instruments and rhythm section)   score    

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot (guitar/sax, keys, bass, drums)   score
- Protest (violin, 2 elect. gtrs. elect. bs., drums)   score
- Silence is Violence (alto sax, guitar, bass and drums)    score
- Mama, I Can't Breathe Chorales (4 electric guitars)      score
   #1, #2, #3  

The Day Saturn Lost its Rings (narrator and 4 pianists on one piano)  

   {poetry of Robert C. Ford}
- Say Their Names (bass trombone, 2 e. gtrs., el. pf., bs., drum set)   score
- Void (woodwind quintet & percussion)  score
- Cross-examine Canon (2 e. gtrs.., 2 tubas)

- Ghosts (shout voice, alto sax, guitar, bass & drums)   score

    {Poetry of Erik T. Johnson & Thomas Fischer}

- Mantra 2020 (bs. trb. and 3 elect. gtrs.)

- No Illness (voice, trumpet, vibes, bass, sdrums)

    {Poetry of Erik T. Johnson}

- Kinda Charts (chart)

   1. Kinda Off

   2. Kinda Like

   3. Kinda Shminda

- ReAbsorbed (string quartet)

- Some Kind Of Stain (narrator, 4 pianists on 2 pianos)

    {poetry by by Erik T. Johnson}

- Pandemic Quartet (alto sax, E. guitar, e. bass and doumbek (or darbuka))

- ManChartra (2 melody ins., bs., rhythm)   score

- Let’s Save The World Suite (trumpet, sax, e. gtr., e. bs., drums)

   1. Prelude
   2. There's Not Enough Pain In The World     
   3. Interlude #1
   4. We don't have much time left, Do we? 
   5. Interlude #2
   6. Or Pretend To Beauty
   7. Postlude

- God This Body Is Aging    Score

  (tap/bpdy perc., trumpet, horn, bass trombone)

- Q&F Fugue (violin, bass clarinet, e. bass and drum set)

- Goldberg Blues Variations (piano and sax quartet)

- The Dress In The Wind II *

   (narr., 2 elc. gtrs., bs., drms.) {poetry of Erik T. Johnson}

- Element 115 (Don’t Forget Sunscreen) *

    (narrator, 2 electric guitars, bass, drums)

-  The Lion Tamer (narrator, 2 electric guitars, classical guitar)

    {poetry of Robert C. Ford}

- The Whole World Blind

     (horn, glockenspiel, guitar, piano, bass and drums)

ChristMess Blues     score     Video

    (solo violin and string orchestra or string quintett

- Sadness Expensive Prayer

   1.  No Im Not allowed To Touch The World 

   2.Unreachable Light

   3. The Difference Unhappiness

     (soprano, trumpet, e. guitar, contra bass, drums)

     {based on poems of Erik T. Johnson & Robert C. Ford}

- In Time (soprano, rapper, string quartet)   score

    {Text Gene Pritsker / Edna St. Vincent Millay}

- Joyous In A Surfeit Of Distraction  score

    (4 trumpets, horn, bass trombone)

- Infinity Of The Soul (2 trumpets, tenor sax, guitar, double bass, drums)

- Pand Q. (alto sax, violin, e. guitar, e. bass, darbuka)

-Encore (soprano, violin, cello classical guitar, piano)

     {Poetry of Phil Ochs}

- Radical Static (string quintet)    score
- Ennui (classical guitar and string quartet)     score
- overkYll (2 sopranos, trumpet, piano, drum set)

     {poem of Anton Humpe} 
- Deal With The Devil (string quartet) 
- overkYll II (soprano, violin, oboe, trumpet, piano)

    {poem of Anton Humpe} 
- Vivaldi’s Hot House II (vl., trpt., guitar., piano, bass, drums) 
- Shadow (flt., vl., vc., pf.)    score
- Ludwiglied (narrator, guitar, piano, bass and drums)    (score)

      {Poem: Erik T. Johnson} 

- Animals Carnaval (violin, piano, double bass, drum set)

       {based on Camille Saint-Saens} 
- Traces (trpt., alt. sx., gtr., pf., dbl. bs., drms.)   score



-  Scoglio Bossa (soprano, trumpet, sax, piano, bass, drums)

 {Based on W. A. Mozart}

-Ain't No String Chickens (string quintet and drum set)

- Plastic Plants And Balloon Dogs (narrator, baritone, trumpet, e. guitar)     {on a poem by Robert C. Ford}

- The Laughing Heart (soprano, 2 violins, e. guitar, drum set)

  {on a poem by Charles Bukowski}

- 4 Short Poems II  (soprano, violin, el. guitar, drums)

- Prelude & Waltz (alt. sx., tn. sx., vl., 3 trpts., trb., bs. trb., drms.)

- A Million Grey Hells (soprano, trumpet, elc. guitar, bass)

    {poems by Robert C. Ford,Erik T. Johnson, Imelda O'Reilly}

     1. The Cauldron      score

    2. The Witch’s Bastard Orphan

     3. A Ghoulish Rose

- Bartok's Transylvania (violin, trumpet, guitar, bass, drums)

- Scatalism - Chamber Version

    (soprano, trumpet, tenor sax, piano, contra bass, drums)

- Places 1 and 2 (piano)
- Snehg (guitar) *
- Kierons Revenge (8 tuba etudes)
- Empty dances (guitar)
- Crocodile Ghena Walks in (piano) 
- All in... (cello) *
- Few games to be remembered (guitar) *
- Holy Human Stupidity Batman (electric cello)  *
- Scars, Wounds, & Lacerations + Snow to numb the Effect

     (4 Guitar Pieces) *   vid. of Wounds    vid. of Sneg
- She’s so chaconne (violin) *
- Picasso's’ Blues (piano) *
- 3 Variations on 3 popular Russian children songs for

    3 individual pianists *
- I’m afraid you might ask for a fragment of my soul (piano) *
- Time Here Becomes Space II (piano) *
- On The Preachers of Death (solo guitar) *
- What Occurred In The Light, Goes On In The Dark  

   (Solo Cello)*
- Dead Souls (solo guitar)*
- Sitting (Hand drums & Samplestra {pre-recorded electronics})*
- Requiem II (guitar and samplestra) *
- Illusions Again (Piano & Samplestra {pre-recorded electr.)*
- Brittle Chain of Hope (Piano & samplestra)
- Lacerations II (solo piano) 
- Misfortune Has It’s Uses (violin & samplestra) *
- PAN(IC) (for solo flute)* 
- Sorrow, Like Pleasure, Creates Its Own Atmosphere   *

    (Flute & Samplestra)
- Mysterious Restlessness  (Clarinet & samplestra) *
- Destined to Shed (percussion and samplestra) *
- A Flash of Insight (solo contra bass)
- A 21st Century Reconstruction of J. S. Bach score

     (bass trombone & Samplestra)
- Ridicule (solo piano)
- Violently (Drum solo)
- Still Unvanquished (horn & Samplestra) *
- Quaaludes & Fugues (solo electric guitar) *
- In Memory of Giampaolo Bracali (solo cello) *
- Variation on a Theme by Kai Schumacher (solo piano) 
- Electrically Tragic (electric bassoon and Samplestra)- -
- Modified (French horn & Samplestra) *-
- Modified  #2 (electric gtr. & Samplestra) * 
- Bach Speaks (trombone & Samplestra)* 
- Opposite Extreme of Benevolence (drum set)* 
- Opposite Extreme of Compassion (solo violin)* 
- The anesthetic effect #1(cello or tuba and live samplestra) * 

- The anesthetic effect #2 (cello or tuba and live samplestra)*  
- Space Sounds Interactions (tuba & Samplstra) * 
- Variation on a Theme by Rob Voisey (solo piano) * 
- Deep Time (solo percussion)
- Nothing in Life But You (violin and Sampestra) * 
- Modified #3 (bassoon & Samplestra)* 
- Kandinsky's Improvisations (piano & Samplestra) * 
- Never found Again (solo cello and drone)  *  CD   Score
Digital Debussy- La Mer (piano & samplestra/Di.J.)
- NYC (piano) *   (video 2)
- Rock & Roll High School Variations (solo cello) * 
- Modified #4 (clarinet & samplestra or triggered samplestra)* 
- The Most Romantic Lines from Literature 

    (piano/speaker & samplestra)
- Smooth Rhetoric (sax or other solo instmnt., strings., bass.,

     perc., DJ OR Samplestra))* 
- Soul Adjusted (viola d’amour and smaplestra) 
- Reverberation of Eternity - (timpani solo)
- Trumpets (trumpet and Samplestra) *
- Tango in V (solo violin) *

   1. Vivaldi

   2. Vaughan Williams

   3. Verdi
- Pigments Red (piano)* 
- Folk-Like Melodies (solo viola)  *  score
- Heavy Metal in the 80’s book I: 1. Maiden  *
- Heavy Metal in the 80’s book I: 2. Priest 
- Ta-Ka-Ki-Ga-Wa (solo piano) *
- In Memory of Dave Gotay (solo cello)  *
- Curves (accordion & Samplestra) *
- Divide (voice/rhythm and drone) *
- Poems ‘Bout New york (solo cello) 
- Praise Variations (solo bass) *
- A Certain Degrees Electronic (bass clarinet & Samplestra) 
- Natural (violin and video Samplestra) *
- Modified #5 (Flute and Samplestra)  *
- Double Impressions and Stroke (solo piano)
- Waiting III (violin & Samplestra) *
- Disperses (marimba solo)
- Expedition Excerpted (cello or trumpet, Di.J / Samplestra)  *
- Prelude and Fugue #1(piano)  *
- Heavy Metal in the 80’s book I: 3.’ Sabbath'  (solo piano) *

- Stressor (solo accordion) *
- Progression (solo piano)* 
- Suite For Cello & Effects Pedal  (solo cello) *
   1. Prelude
   2. Fugue
   3. Acrostic Air
   4. The Gigue Is Up
- Three Rags *
   1. Entertainy Rag
   2. Circus Dreaming Rag
   3. Middle Ages Rag
- Melting Pot (ghatam and Samplestra)  *
- Figaro - OH! (violin & Samplestra) *
- When I Have Been Working My Bass (contra bass) 
- What The Waves Were Always Saying (marimba) *
- Causes (solo accordion)  *
   1. Stressor
   2. Stimulus     
   3. Triggers
- Forced Bravery Electronic (drum set & Samplestra) *
- Whitman’s Strangers electronic

    (mezzo-soprano and Samplestra) *
- Boxacaglia (accordion) *
- Redeem (solo violin) *
- Memories Are Not Enough (accordion) *
- Gladiator (alto sax and Samplestra) *   score
- Singin’ (trumpet and drone)*  score
-Illusions Yet Again (electric bass & Di.J./Samplestra)*

- ReMix Of The Animals (Di.J.)*
-Iguana (solo violin)*
-The Right Hand Does Not Know What the Left Hand is Doing ‘--

    Pete & Gene’ (piano) {co composed with Peter Jarvis) *
- We Have (solo electric guitar) *
- Devil's Sympathy Variations  (solo piano) *
- Prelude & Fugue #2 (solo piano)

Obsolete the Soul (contrabass) 

- The Year Of Goodbye (accordion) *
- Quarantine Blues (piano)
- The Dress In The Wind (elc. guitar & Samplestra)  score

     {based on poetry of Erik T.Johnson} 

- Hip-hopsichord (harpsichord and Samplestra)   score
- Love Through Chants A Thousand-mouths Wide (classical guitar)

- Braver (cello and Samplestra)    score

- Prelude & Fugue #3 (piano)    score

- Tyranny of Choice  (solo clarinet) 

- Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV  (violin and Samplestra) 


- Prelude # Fugue #4 (piano)    score

- Mantra (solo bass clarinet)   score

 - Four Seasons Total Landscaping, & Lies (violin & Samplstra)


- Cold Gin Variations (classical guitar) *

- Mantra #2 (electric guitar with looper) 

- Swan Mantra (solo double bass)

- Mantra #3 (solo double bass) 

Why Didn’t You Tag Me? (narrator and electronics with video)     {poetry by Robert C. Ford}

- For The End (tenor sax)

- Mantra #4  (solo viola) *
- PPP (past pritsker pieces) - (solo accordion)*
- Three Ballades for Electric Guitar (solo electric guitar)
- Forty-Five (solo cello)

- Percussiomatics (cajon and Samplestra)
- Taniapédie (piano)

- Sky Vault Theme Song (narrator and Samplestra)
- P. Dance (solo organ) 
- Dazed Variations (classical guitar) 
- Einstein's Favorite Piece Of Music

    (electric guitar & Samplestra)   score

- Variation On A Theme by Kathleen Supové

   (solo piano)

- Friendly Variations (solo piano)

  1. Variation On A Theme By Kai Schumacher

  2. Variation On A Theme By Rob Voisey

  3. Variation On A Theme By Kathleen Supové

- Cadenza on Song by Andriy Shtoharenko

     (solo violin)

- Mantra #6 (bass trombone) 
- Double Impression And Stroke ReMix (solo Di.J.)
- Mantra #7 (Shakuhachi) 
- The Only (viola and Samplestra) 

- Requiem For A Rockstar (solo viola) 

- In The Shadow (solo accordion)



- Closed for Repairs (tuba & pf.) 
- Only make Believe (guitar & pf.) *
- 2 duets for guitar and french horn * 
- Empty Bottles (violin duet) *
- What would you do, Frankie (violin & marimba) *
- Just Make It, Babe, Make It (flute & piano) *
- Time Here Becomes Space (Marimba & Drum Set)
- Time Here Becomes Space III (Piano & Drum Set) *
- Light Gloomier than the Shadow (Cello & Viola da Gamba)*
- C17H21NO4 (violin & cello) *
- Beneath The Wheel (guitar duet) *
- The Middle Ages: Two Views (baritone and guitar) *
- C17H21NO4 Again (violin & Vibraphone)
- Vanities Remedy (clarinet & piano) *
- Essence (piano & drum set) *
- Gradual Doses (Bassoon, Bass Trombone & Samplestra) *
- Suite #1 (violin & piano) *
            1. Prelude
            2. Fugue 10/8 
            3. Air Everywhere 
            4. Postlude 
- Suite #2 (Bassoon & Piano)
            1. Prelude
            2. Blues Fugue
            3. Essentially a Tragic Chaccone
            4. Postlude
- Poem #2 (Reflections in sound on the poem:

   'The Carcass'' by - Charles Baudelaire) *
   (electric guitar & bass trombone, with optional

    drum set and/or synth.)
- Universal Mutterings of Enslaved Consciences *

    (flt., bsn., samplestra)
- Three Songs of Nostalgia (baritone and cello) *
- Perirrhanterium, stanza XI (truth) (2 sopranos & samplestra)*
- Whitman’s Strangers  (Mezzo-soprano & Piano) *
   1. To You
   2. To A Stranger
   3. Faces
- Cauldron of Unsatisfied Hatred *

    (trumpet or soprano sax & electric guitar)
- The Death of the Artists (soprano & Guitar)  *
- Universe Contains Innumerable Elements (violin & Clarinet) *
- Ineffably Still (electric guitar & bass clarinet) *
- Blues from an Airport Bar (baritone & Piano)*
- Clubbin(violin & cello) *
- A Sentimental Gesture for a Wedding (domra & guitar) 
- Water, Frog, Bird (ballet for cello and electric guitar) *  score
- The Key to My Nausea (electric guitar & Piano)* 
- Tuba Duets (2 tubas)* 
- Variations on Sakura, Sakura (Violin & Piano)
- Difficult to Imagine Nothingness *

     (Tuba & guitar) or (alto sax & guitar)  or (tenor & guitar)
- Melodies Alone Can Proudly Carry Their Own Death 

    (violin and Cello)
- A Certain Degree of Neurosis (bass clarinet & percussion) * 
- Still (2 electric guitars)  * 
- Suite #3  (cello and piano)*  
   1. Prelude
   2. Charm the Air to Give A Sound 
   3. Swing Fugue
   4. Postlude 
- Aeon (2 vibraphones) * 
- Horns and All (oboe and piano) 
- Melodies For Choto (2 flutes)*  * 
- No Conviction, a Hope and That is All (2 violins) * 
- Russian Evenings Suite (violin and piano) * 
       1. Moscow Variations    
       2. Song Variations
       3. Falling Variations
- The Report (Violin & Di.J. ) * 

    Music to a modern dance by Henry Daniel
- Roundelay (for electric guitar and drum set) * 
- Nebulous Cha Cha (2 cellos) * 
- More Paradoxes (violin and piano)
- Ladies First Tango (oboe & piano)  * 
- Two voice chorals (open instrumentation)
- Key (guitar & marimba) * 
- Bobcat (Electronically manipulated melody and piano)  * 
   {co-written with Sebastian Izya Pritsker}
- NYC III (trumpet and piano)  * 
- The Varied Ways of Looking at Carmen (clarinet and piano)  *
- Taps (2 electric guitars and Samplestra) *
- Variation on Pehrson's Motorcycle (flute & electric gtr.)*
- MMM (drum set & di.J.)*   VID. 2
- Beyond The Vastness  (2 pianos)*
- Sakura Fragment (clarinet and piano)
- Traffic Signals (accordion and vibraphone)*
- Recipe (electric guitar with looper, Sitar)*
- Open Arms (bass clarinet & contrabass)*
- Console (shakuhachi and electric guitar)*
- Lame and Useless Words  (Hichiriki and piano)*
- Spirits (bass clarinet, percussion [bata & vibraphone]  *

     and Samplestra) 
- Canons For Two Electric Guitars (2 elec. gtrs.) *

   Book 1

   Canon #1          Score

   Canon #2          Score

   Canon #3
- Bemoan (tenor sax and electric guitar) *
- Affections (flute and oboe)*  vid 2   score
- Spirit Fragments (bass clarinet, percussion and Samplestra) 
- 3 songs of nostalgia III (soprano, cello) *
- Reproaches (alto sax and electric guitar) *   score
- Spirits II (bass clarinet, percussion [bata & roto toms]

     and Samplestra) 
- Humanism (violin and vibraphone)  *
- Triangle Distress (triangle & Di.J.)*
- Kostabi Melody Variations (piano 4 hands)*
- Recrudescence (Bendir & drum set)
- The Shell of Lethargy (piano 4 hands and Samplestra)*
- Suppressed (violin and bari. sax)
- Infinite Vacuum (fretless guitar & classical guitar) *
- Variations on Sakura Sakura (clarinet version)

      (clarinet and piano)
- Suppressed II (violin & cello or low violin) 
- Lament For An Event (oboe and piano) *
- Lament For An Event Electronic (oboe {or any solo instrmnt.}

    & Di.J.  *
- 71 (clarinet & guitar)*  Vid. 2
The Immense Distances Between Thought And Speech   score   

    (trombone & piano)*
- Refugee Blues (violin & guitar) *

     mvmnt 1     mvmnt 2    3mvmnt 1
- Sonnet XI - Live ReMix (voice & Di.J.) 
- Encomium (e. gtr. and darbuka) *
- Drama (viola & piano) 
- Kostabi Melody Variations III (clarinet & violin) *
- Techno Requiem (cello & Di.J.) 
   1. Overture *
   2. Mercy
- Dowland Meditations Electronic (countertenor and DI.J.)* 
- Emotion Motion (tap dancer & piano) *   score
- Unstable Behavior In Paintings (guitar and drum set)*
- Turn Back? (countertenor and guitar) *
- Bitter Suite (violin and bass clarinet)*
   1. Prelude Dance
   2. Canon #1
   3. Song In The Middle
   4. Canon #2
   5. Postlude Dance 
- Traffic Signals II (cello and accordion) *
- Traffic Signals III (guitar and accordion) *
- Scatalism (soprano and piano)*
- Concept  (violin, cello, Samplestra) *
- Human rights Sentiment (2 pianos)*
- Blood Scenes (trumpet & Di.J/Samplestra)*  score
- Nothing Difficult to Imagine (clarinet & Accordion) *
- You’re Hopeless When The Sun Goes Away

     (elect. guitar & piano)*
- The Passion of Joan of Arc (accordion & Di.J./Samplestra)*

   {Music to the 1928 silent film by Carl Theodor Dreyer}

    other vids - Vid 1   
- Illusions Yet Again (electric bass & Di.J./Samplestra)*

- Chants (electric guitar & Di.J.) *
- A Phoenix I've Become (voice, e. guitar with looper)*

   {poetry of Valerie Geffner}
- Refugee Lament (2 violins)*
- Fugue-Get-About-It (bass clarinet & piano)  score

    1. Blues Fugue    

    2. Swing Fugue
- Dancing About Architecture (flute & violin)*
- To You (cello & guitar)*

- Do-its  (trumpet and trombone) 

    mvmnt. 1    score

    mvmnt. 2

    mvmnt. 3

    mvmnt. 4

    mvmnt. 5

    mvmnt. 6

 - The Pigeon (contralto & piano) 

- Kyoshi's Seasons (dorm & violin)

- Pandemic Dances - Book 1

   (electric guitar and various instruments)

     Pandemic Dance #1 for electric guitar and viola     Score

     Pandemic Dance #2  for electric  guitar and piano   score

     Pandemic Dance #3 for electric guitar and cello    Score

     Pandemic Dance #4 for electric guitar and synthesizer    score

     Pandemic Dance #5 for  electric guitar and congas     score

- Pandemic Dances - Book 2

   (electric guitar and various instruments)
    Pandemic Dance #6 for electric guitar and alto sax      score
    Pandemic Dance #7  for electric guitar and clarinet    score
    Pandemic Dance #8 for electric guitar and baritone sax  score
    Pandemic Dance #9 for electric guitar and alto flute    score
    Pandemic Dance #10 for electric guitar and vibraphone  score
- Pandemic Dances - Book 3

   (electric guitar and various instruments)
    Pandemic Dance #11 for electric guitar and piano        score
    Pandemic Dance #12  for electric gtr. and acoustic gtr.   score 
    Pandemic Dance #13 for electric gtr. and violin/voice   score
    Pandemic Dance #14 for electric guitar and djembe      score
    Pandemic Dance #15 for electric guitar and drum set 
    Pandemic Dance #16 for e. guitar and viola da gamba  score

- Pandemic Dances - Book 4

    (electric guitar and various instruments)

    Pandemic Dance #17 for electric guitar and piano    score

    Pandemic Dance #18  for electric guitar and marimba    score


    Pandemic Dance #19 for electric guitar and harp     score

    Pandemic Dance #20 for electric guitar and viola    score

    Pandemic Dance #21 for e. guitar and e, bass    score

-  Pandemic Dances - Book 5

   (electric guitar and various instruments)

    Pandemic Dance #22 for e.guitar and bass trombone   score

    Pandemic Dance #23  for electric guitar and violin    score

    Pandemic Dance #24 for electric guitar and drum set

    Pandemic Dance #25 for electric guitar and shout voice   score

      {co-written and words by Thomas Fischer}

    Pandemic Dance #26 for electric guitar and Tuba     score

-  Pandemic Dances - Book 6

    (electric guitar and various instruments)

    Pandemic Dance #27 for e. guitar and 4 flower pots   score

    Pandemic Dance #28  for electric guitar and horn       score

    Pandemic Dance #29 for e. gtr. & tap dancer/body perc.   score

    Pandemic Dance #30 for electric guitar and organ   score

    Pandemic Dance #31 for electric guitar and trumpet     score

   Pandemic Dance #32 for electric guitar and bass clarinet  score

- Canons For Two Electric Guitars  - Book 2 (2 elec. gtrs.) 

- Essential (soprano sax and organ)

- Mother Earth Doesn't Wear Lipstick (baritone & piano)

   {Poetry of Robert C. Ford}

- Lockdown Lullabies (according & e. gtr.)

   mvnnt 1

   mvnnt 2

   mvnnt 3

- The Music Between Us (baritone and electric guitar)

   {Poetry of - Robert C. Ford}

- Duets For The End Of The World (alto sax and electric guitar) 

- Scary Stories (bass trombone, electric guitar and Samplestra) 

- Footprints on Steel (narrator & Di.J.)

   {Poetry of Robert C. Ford}

- In Memory Of Joseph Pehrson (violin and electric guitar) 

- Another Year of Goodbye (oboe and vibraphone)

- Blues from An Airport Bar  (soprano and piano)
- Epitaphs (baritone sax and el. guitar)
   1 “Don't Try" - Charles Bukowski
   2. "Called Back” - Emily Dickinson
   3. “I Had a Lover’s Quarrel with the Qorld.” - Robert Frost

-  The Biggest Lie (Trickle Down) (baritone and elec. guitar)     

   {poetry by Robert C. Ford}

-  Mama, I Can't Breathe Chorale #2 Version II

   (elect. guitar & Classical guitar)

- Gas Choral Duo (tenor sax and electric gutar)

- My Unscheduled Fate (tenor sax and electric guitar)  score

- Anastrophe (elc. gtr. & tabla)

- Gas Chorale Duo 2 (tenor sax & piano)

- 7 Short Poems (soprano and Di.J.) {on poetry of Erik T. Johnson}

- Where Is That River Now II (voice and piano)

- Soubrette auf der Toilette (soprano & piano)

      {words by  Ljiljana Winkler and Andreas Winkler)

- The Sky Is Too Crowded With Light (viola and electric guitar) 
- Hello Infinity (alto sax and piano) 

- Bliss (glockenspiel & electric guitar)

- One Of Us (classical guitar, electric guitar)*

- 4 Short Poems (soprano, electric guitar with looper)

   {poetry by Erik T. Johnson}

- The Voice of Perpetual Becoming (oboe and violin)

- Insinuated  (tap dancer/body perc. & drum set)

- Cross-examine Canon II (horn & electric guitar)

- Grandiose Thoughts In Embryo (electric guitar and triangles)

- Assiduous Games (alto sax and piano)

- For Bob (guitar and piano)

- Riverhead Twins  ( 2 guitars)

- Suppressed III (clarinet and alto sax )

- ChristMess Blues - violin & piano version (vl. and pf.)

- In The Absence Of A Lesson (theremin and e. guitar)

- Holiday Poem For Robert (narrator & Di.J.) {Poetry or Erik T. Johnson}

- How Do I Encapsulate Myself in Just One Word (

  inspired by The Erudite erik t.)  (narrator, piano, Samplestra)

- Suicide Barbie (narrator, trumpet, e. guitar)  or (trumpet, e. guitar)

   {on a poem of Robert C. Ford}

- Can’t Breathe (e. guitar and piano)

- Indifference Of Breathing (2 bass flutes)

- The Visitant (soprano and electric guitar) {Poetry of John Pietaro)

- Coconut Cornmeal Cake (mezzo soprano & classical guitar)

    {Words from Bad Manners Cookbook

- Waterfalls (guitar trio)
- Poems (Alto sax, tuba, pf)
- Still laughing even louder (guitar trio)*
- Close my eyes and chill (flute, oboe, gtr)*
- As my eyes are forced open (flt, vl, gtr.)*
- Slippin’ (clarinet, cello, piano)*
- So I Can Plunge My Stupid Face Into It, Horns And All

   (oboe, guitar, cello)*
- The Enchantment of Vanity (trombone trio)*
- Time Here Becomes Space IV (marimba, vibraphone & drum set) 
- Trio (2 violins, Viola)*  score
   1. Benign Indifference of the Universe
   2.  Enchantment of Vanity 
- Everything Profound (vl., vc., pf.)*

      Mvmnt 1    Mvmnt 2
- Poem #1 (Reflections in sound on the poem: 'Elegy for Jane' 

   by Theodore Roethke)   (electric guitar., cello & bass clarinet)*
- Enchantment of Vanity II (trpt., horn., bs. trb., drms) 
- Benign Indifference (trombone trio)*
- Accepted #2 (pf., bs., drms.)
- Stranger Faces (French horn, cello, bassoon)
- Counterfeiters (trmpt., hrn., bs. trmb.)* Score
- Quaaludes, Fugues & Solos (electric guitar, electic bass, drums)*

       Quaaludes - 1,  2,  3    Fugues - 1,,  2,  3
- Variation on Arioso-Andante by Johann Michael Malzat

    (trpt., hrn., bs. trb.)
- Disruptive Forms of Nonsense (synth., bs.,drums)
- Slight Attack of Insanity (domra, alto domra,

    steel-string acoustic gtr.)*
- Galileo Starry Messenger (flute or violin, clarinet, piano) or     

    (violin, clarinet, piano)*
- Cold Wisdom Waiting (cello, e. gtr., Perc)*
- Waiting (cello, Piano, Perc)
- Middle Music (baritone, trumpet, steel-string acoustic guitar) 
   {Poetry: Val Coleman}*
- The Free Will Problem (violin, oboe, bassoon, samplestra)*
- Quantum Mechanical (horn, gtr., bs.)*
- Zapovit (violin, cello, harp, samplestra)
- Antinomy (guitar, bass, drums)*
- Buson's Rain (low female voice, flute, guitar)*
- Gas Chorale (flute, 2 melodicas)*
- Rhythm Changes Fugue (3 pianos)*
- Dust and Mirages of the Communal Mind

   (horn, Bs. Trb., Cntr. Bs.)*
- Loud Cries at Regular Intervals (flute, viola, piano)*
- Cries (flute, viola, piano)*
- Bach and the Nanny-Goat Bassoonist (oboe, bassoon ,Piano)
- Eternity (alto sax, cello, piano)
- Manhattan Excess (narrator, female voice, guitar, Samplestra) *
- Devolution (bass flute, bass clarinet, bassoon) *  score
- Context (percussion trio - Sculpture percussion instruments)*
- Waltz This (3 pianos)*
- Eternity II (vib., trb., pf.)* 
- Leitourgia (vl., bar. sx. pf.) 
- Ceremonial (flt., cl., pf.)*
- Plane (va., vc., c.b)*
- Counterfeiters II (ob., cl., bsn.) 
- Variations on the First & Last Bars of Webern's Opus 5

   (3 pianos) *
- Recipe (Narrator, electric guitar with looper, Sitar)*
- 3 songs of nostalgia II (soprano, violin, cello)*
- Variation #3 on Arioso-Andante by Johann Michael Malzat  

    (flute, viola, ctr. bass.)
- Native (clarinet, violin, cello)*

- Born Free (gtr., bs, drms)*
- Everything Profound II (flute, cello, piano)*
- Absorbeat (violin with looper, electric guitar with looper, piano) *
- Change The Nature Of The One Who Prays

    (trbn., bs. trbmn., tuba) 
- Child Of Air (2 bassoons and Electric Guitar) *
- More Strange Faces (ten. sax, cello, br. sax)*
- Firework (el. gtr., El. bs. drums) *
- Haiku Shout Song Cycle (shout voice, piano and drum set)*
   1. Shiki's Pain
   2. Issa's Cries, Piss & Shit
- Comedic Poems (narrator, electric guitar, drum set)*
- What Matters To Rumi  (shout voice, bass trombone, Di.J.) *
- Kostabi Melody Variations II (trumpet, tenor sax, and piano) *
- If Her Waters Flow Not In Perpetual Progression

    (guitar, cello, accordion) *
- Nursery Rhymes And Their Sordid Histories 

    (soprano alto sax, cello) *

    1. Baa baa black sheep 
    2. Ring around the Rosie   score

3. Rock-a-bye baby
    4. Mary, Mary quite contrary 
    5. Humpty Dumpty

- The Enchantment of Vanity III (trumpet, trombone, bari sax)
- Benign Indifference of the Universe (flute, violin, bass clarinet)
- Sentiment (violin, contrabass, piano)
- The Overtures (trumpet, bass, Samplestra/Di.J.) *
- In Time & Intimate (2 oboes and English horn)*
- Concept (fretless guitar, violin and cello) 
- Elements II (melody instrument, Bass, Drum set)*
- Human rights Sentiment (narrator and 2 pianos)*
- You’re Hopeless When The Sun Goes Away II *

   (elect. guitar, piano & drum set)
- Before You Walk Into The Wrong Room *

    (trumpet, electric guitar, classical guitar) 
- Fanfare For The Unfair (3 trumpets) *
   1. Life 
   2. Love
   3. Death
- Ridogulous Dance (violin, alt. sax, piano) *   Score

- The Waking / Пробуждение (2 sopranos and violin) *
     {Poetry by Theodore Roethke with a translation

     by Anya Migdal &Tatyana Tolstaya}
- And It Is But A Child Of Air (3 electric guitars) *
- You’re Hopeless When The Sun Goes Away III 

   (sop. sax, piano & drums)
- Wisdom (oboe, bassoon, percussion) 
- Nausea (e. guitar, piano and drum set) 
- Even More Paradoxes (guitar, piano, drum set)
- Pigments (el. grr., pf., drms.) 

- TINPANAPNIT (viola, bass trombone, electric guitar)

- Neat Suite (3 violin parts)

1. Fast

2. Choral

3. Finale

- Pandemic Trios (elec. guitar, piano, drum set)  

   Pandemic Trio #1

   Pandemic Trio #2

   Pandemic Trio #3

   Pandemic Trio #4

   Pandemic Trio #5

  Pandemic Trio #6

- Bitcoin Without A Blockchain (baritone, violin and clarinet) 

  {poetry of Robert C. Ford}    score

- Conga Graffiti (3 congas)  

- Nature Calls You With Her Voice (soprano, violin, piano)

    {poetry of Malwina Kulisiewicz}

- Light, Night and the Replaceables (soprano, violin, piano)

   {poetry of Heather Green}

1 Child Of Light

2. Turning Into Night

3. Replaceables

-  Short Stories (narrator, trombone, e. guitar, Samplestra)

     1. The Jumping Match {story by Hans Christian Anderson}

     2. The Fable of the Employee & the Employer

     {story by Erik T. Johnson}

- Don't Count On The Mirror (3 vibraphones)

- Our Methods Elusive (trumpet, trombone, bass trombone) `

- One Of Us (narrator, classical guitar, electric guitar)  

     {on poetry of Erik T. Johnson} *
- Blank (bass flute, bass trombone, double bass)
- The Will (violin, alto sax, electric guitar & samplestra) 
- Only A Game (violin, viola, cello)  score

   {Music for a ballet by Robbie Fieldes}
- He Did It Steinway (narrator, trumpet, piano)

   {Poem by Robert C. Ford) 
- Memento (mezzo soprano, electric guitar and piano

   {on poetry of Mascha Kaléko}
- What's In A Name? (viola da gamba, tuba, piano)
- Reeky Ill-Breeding Boar Pig (guitar, bass, drum set) 
- Suicide Barbie (narrator, trumpet, guitar)

   {on a poem of Robert C. Ford} 

-  Simič Colors (soprano, mandolin, classical guitar)

   {on poetry of Charles Simič}

    1. Black Butterfly

    2. The White Room

    3. Green Lampshade

- Benign Indifference of the Universe III (flute, violin, viola)

- Bach and the Nanny-Goat Bassoonist II (alto sax, elc. guitar, piano)

- Sound Liberation Improvisation #’s 1-3 (open instrumentation, bass & drums)*
- Sound Liberation Improvisation #’s 4-6 (open instrumentation)*
- Sound Liberation Improvisation #’s 7-9 (open instrumentation)*
- Blues Head & 7 Solos (open instrumentation)*
- Blues Head & 5 Solos (open instrumentation)*
- Migration Song Chart (melody, harmony & rhythm)
- Dvorak Blues (chart - open instrumentation)*
- Bach Blues (chart)*
- Elements (open instrumentation) *   video
- Elements II (melody instrument, Bass, Drum set)
- Salon (chart)  *
- Blue Danube Blues (chart)*
- Kinda Charts (chart) *
   1. Kinda Off
   2. Kinda Like
   3. Kinda Shminda
- Whop Bebop Schnaaps Kitchen (Chart)

   {co written with the Outreach Workshop Band}* 
- Were You Not Imaginary (chart)

-  unCHARTed Deconstructed #1 (Chart)

- The Whole World Blind Chart

- Sound Liberation Improvisation #’s 10-12 (open instrumentation)

- TMI Strut (chart)

- The Dark That Stands Around You (chart)

- Elegy (melody, harmony, bass & drums)

- 71 (chart)

- unCHARTed Deconstructed #2

- Conversation (open instrumentation) {co composed with Rob Schwimmer}

- ImproVisitions (open instrumentation)  {co composed with Bruce Arnold}

- Closing Bell (melody and harmony) {poem by Robert C. Ford}

- unCHARTed Deconstructed #3  (Chart)

Anchor 1
sml chbr
Anchor 9
Anchor 11
Anchor 12
Anchor 13

Arrangements/orchestrations/movie scores

- Paranoid [Black Sabbath] for string orchestra  score
- Lo Spazzacamino for sopraano and string orchestra
- Black Sabbath [Black Sabbath]

    for chamber group and voice
- Teenage Prostitute [Frank Zappa]

  for strings, brass, soprano and baritone
- Muffin Man [Frank Zappa] for chamber orchestra
- Dirty love {Frank Zappa} (for orchestra)*
- Lo, The Earth did Quake [William Byrd]

   for SATB and soprano sax
- Creation of The World [D. Milhaud]

   for chamber ensemble with clarinet solo
- Alabama Song [Kurt Weill]

  for strings and two sopranos
- Birdland [Joseph Zawinul] for elec. guitar and piano
- Deh Viene Alla Finestra [Mozart] for rock band
- Brandenburg concerto #4 3rd mvnt.[Bach]

   for hip-hop band

- Summertime/Black Dog {Gershwin/Led zepplin}

   (arr. for solo violin and chamber orchestra)
- Flight of the Bumblebee

  (arr. for solo pf., trp, alt. sax, trb., bs., drms.)
- I got rhythm

   (arr. for solo pf., trp, alt. sax, trb., bs., drms.)
- Super Bad {James Brown}

  (arr. cl., bsn., trp., trb., perc., vl., bs.)*
- Super Bad II arr. {James Brown} (chamber orchestra)
-  New York, New York  *

   (baritone & chamber orchestra)
- Pierrot Lunaire arr. {Schoenberg} *

  (Soprano, Four Cellos, Samplestra  
- Stranger in paradise (arr. for vl., vc., gtr.)*
- I’m a fool to want you (arr. voice, 2 vl., 2vc., pf)*
- Love (arr. for 2 vl., 2 vc., pf)*
- Be My Love (arr. for 2 vl., 2 vc., pf)*
- Me & the devil {Robert Jhonson} (arr. string quartet)*
- The Entertainer {Scott Joplin} (arr. string quartet)*
- Rondo ala turk/hip-hop {Mozart} *

   (arr. string quartet, rapper & drum tracks)*
- Jazz Brahms (arr. string quartet & Gtr.)*
- Pink Panther (solo cello)*
- My Heart Belongs to Daddy *

   (arr. for voice & big band)
- Paranoid [Black Sabbath] for orchestra*
- Lucky One {Julie Adams}

   (country band & full orchestra)
- Dirty love {Frank Zappa} (for orchestra)
- Muffin man {Frank Zappa} (for orchestra)
- Teenage prostitute {Frank Zappa} (for orchestra)
- Ka Labush suite {Miltos Papasamou}

   (orchestra & Greek rock band)
- Tris Kaloiri {Traditional}

   (orchestra & Greek rock band)
- Missirlou {Traditional}

    (orchestra & Greek rock band)
- Me tosa psemata {Alkinoos Ioannidis}

  (orchestra & Greek rock band)
- Afternoon on tree {Alkinoos Ioannidis}

   (orchestra & Greek rock band)
- Peaches en Regalia  {Frank Zappa}

  (chamber orchestra & samplestra)
- Asherombasman {Traditionla) (chamber orchestra)

- Black napkins  {Frank Zappa} (chamber orchestra)
- Cosmik Debris {Frank Zappa} (chamber orchestra)
- Planet of the baritone Women {Frank Zappa}    

  (chamber orchestra)
- Filthy Habits {Frank Zappa} (chamber orchestra)
- AZAM  {Dhaffer Youssef} (Chamber ensemble)
- Ishk  {Dhaffer Youssef} (Chamber ensemble)
- La priere de l'absent  {Dhaffer Youssef}

    (Chamber ensemble)
- Mille et Un Jour Pno {Dhaffer Youssef}

   (Chamber ensemble)
- Rhila {Dhaffer Youssef} (Chamber ensemble)
- yasamy {Dhaffer Youssef} (Chamber ensemble)
- Perfume  {Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil} (chamber Ensemble)

- Montana {Frank Zappa} (chamber orchestra)
- Inca Roads {Zappa} (chamber orchestra)
-Perfume {Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek

     & Reinhold Heil} (chorus)
- Sophisticated Lady {D. Ellinton} (cl. & str. qrt.  add to P. Chiharas ar.)
- Take the A train {D. Ellinton} (cl. & str. qrt.  add to P. Chiharas ar.)
- Bye Bye Blackbird {M. Dixon &  R. Henderson} (solo melody & big band)
- The Harvest {Joe Zawinul} (chamber or
- I know the lord's Laid His Hands on Me {Negro Spiritual}
- Dere's a Man Goin' Roun' Takin' Names {Negro Spiritual}
- Peace {Joe Zawinul} (chamber orchestra)
- Als Vierzig Tag’ nach Ostern {J. S. Bach} (cl., vc., el. gtr., ac. gtr., bar.)
- 11 Orchestrations for the movie Perfume {Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil} (orchestra)
- Update/updated {Joe Zawinul} (chamber orchestra)
- Ballad for 2 {Joe Zawinul} (chamber orchestra)
- And Then {Joe Zawinul} (chamber orchestra)
- Sultan {Joe Zawinul} (chamber orchestra)
- The Spirit of Cannonball Adderley  {Joe Zawinul} (chamber orchestra)
- Mighty Theme  {Joe Zawinul} (chamber orchestra)
- Bimoya  {Joe Zawinul} (chamber orchestra)
- Good Day {Joe Zawinul} (chamber orchestra)
- Mozart string  quartet #8 revisited (trmpt., gtr., cello, c.b.)
- A Remark You Made  {Joe Zawinul} (string quartet)
- A Remark You Made  {Joe Zawinul} (trmpt., e. gtr., vc., c. bs.)

- A Remark You Made (bassoon, gtr., bs., drms) 
- A Trio of Schoenberg (trmpt., e. gtr., vc., c. bs.)
- Great Empire {Joe Zawinul} (chamber orchestra
- Birdland {Joe Zawinul} (chamber orchestra)
- The Peasant {Joe Zawinul} (chamber orchestra)
- Ice-pick Willy {Joe Zawinul} (chamber orchestra)
- Orchestration for the movie Anamorph {Heil, Klimek}
- Orchestration for the movie The International (orchestra) {Heil, Klimek, Tykwer}
Perfume Suite (chorus & chamber orch.)  {Heil, Klimek   ˛, Tykwer}
Ave Maria by Josquin (elec.gtr., trmpt., Fr. hrn., Bs. trbn.)
- Les ons et les Parfums Tournent dans L'air Soir (chamber orch.) {Debussy}*
- All Blues/Come in my Kitchen (large chamber ensemble)
- I Got a Woman (large chamber ensemble)
Mozart String Quartet #15 Revisited (large chamber ensemble)
- Dirty Love {Zappa} (2 trpts., hrn, sax, bs. trb., tb., synth.,  gtr., bs., drms.)
- Andante by Johann Zach (1699 - 1773) arr. (violin, trpt., hrn., bs. trb.)
- Bach Brandenburg Concerto #4 1st mvmnt. (2 guitars & cello)
- Beethoven’s Pathetique Sontat 1st movement (2 guitars & cello)
- Mozarts Clarinet Quintet 1st movement (2 guitars & cello)
- Edelweiss (trpt., alt. sax
- Sartarello (chamber orch.) {anonymous)
- Impressions (chamber orch.) {J. Coltrane)
- Rhythm Changers Suite (chamber orch.) {Gershwin/Monk/Gillespie)
- Somebody to love  (chamber orch.) {F. Nercury)
- Bitches Brew (chamber oprch.) (M. Davies)
- Lonely Goat Herd
(rapper trpt., horn, alt. sx., trbn., tuba, gtr, pf., drms) {R. Rodg   >ers}
- Climb every Mountain
{trpt., horn, alt. sx., trbn., tuba, gtr, pf., drms) {R. Rodgers}
- Alkinoos Suite (chamber orch.) {Alkinoos Ioannidis}
- Missirlu (chemb. orch.)    {traditional}
- kalabush suite {miltos Papastamou}
- Hollywood Strings  {miltos Papastamou}
- Still a Surprise (chamber orchestra)  {Budhuza}
- Would You Cry (chamber orchestra)  {Budhuza}
- La Magi De ma Propre Lumiere (mixed big band) {Timna Brauer}
- Parfum de Votre Soge (mixed big band) {Timna Brauer}
- We will get it soon (mixed big band) {Timna Brauer}
- La Boutique Fantasque (string quartet) {Rossini}
- Los Tamalitos De Olga (chamber ensmble) {Jose A. Fajardo}*
- Lunpy flGravy (chamber orch.) {Zappa}*
Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai  (chamer orch.) {Pyarelal Ramprasad Sharma}
- Dream Girl (chamer orch.) {Pyarelal Ramprasad Sharma}
- MoZartina (vl., vc., gtr., bs., perc.) {Pyotr Ily    ich Tchaikovsky}
- Cone Sunday (female voice, ob., va., hrn., cntr. bs., pf.) {Duke Ellington}
Gotta Have You (SSAA chorus) {Weepies}
- Soultani  (Solo violin& chamber orchestra) {George Batzanos}
- Orchestrations for Cloud Atlas
So What  (3 vlns., flt., 2 clnts., 6 bsns., bs., drms.) {Mileas Davis}
Me & The Devil  (3 vlns., flt., 2 clnts., 6 bsns., bs., drms.)
First & Last Love (trpt., hr., sx., trb., bs., trb., gtr., pf., bs., drms..)
-- Weeping  (trpt., hr., sx., trb., bs., trb., gtr., pf., bs., drms..)
- Joshua  (trpt., hr., sx., trb., bs., trb., gtr., pf., bs., drms..) {Chanda Rule}
- Wagner Medley {orchestraion} (orchestra) {Wagner}
- Mission Impossible {orchestraion} (orchestra)  
- A Remark You Made (trumpet and piano) {ZAWINUL}
- Seikilos (arr. of an ancient melody)
- Satisfaction (recorder, trumpet, trombone, guitar, harpsichord)
- Non Je Ne Regrette  (recorder, trumpet, tuba, guitar, harpsichord)
- Feelin' Alright  (bass recorder, trumpet, alp horn, guitar, harpsichord)
- Cherokee mist 2 (recorder, trumpet, trombone, guitar, harpsichord)
- Walk With Me (voice & chamber orch.) {spiritual}
5 songs of Alexandra Caro (trpt., hr., trb., string quartet, rhtyhm) {A. Caro}
- My Way (orchestra)
- Woman From Tokyo  {Deep Purple} (Japanese Instruments: shakuhachi,  hichiriki, kugo, flute, violin, clarinet quartet Taiko drums\

- Somewhere Over The rainbow (solo violin, piano and String Orch.)

- Somewhere Over The rainbow (solo violin and piano) 

- Yesterdays Serenade Mash Up {Mozart, Beatles} (chamber ensemble) 

- Kristie, Kyrie. Kristie {Dufya} (3 voices and rhythm sections) 

- The Darkness (aka Miranda Drive 6) (film)    

   orchestrations and additional music

- Sense 8 (film) orchestrations

- Hologram for a king (film) orchestrations

- Circus Dreams (movie score)

Johnny Johnson (orchestration of the opera for full

   orchestra) {Kurt Weill} 

- St. Louis Blues (chamber ensemble)

- St. Louis Blues (7 bassoons) 

- I Love You {David Gotay} (trpt., horn, s. sax, T. sax,

    trb., bs. trb., gtr., keys, bs., drms.)

-Gibt´s in Wien a Hetz a Tanzerei

    (voice, trpt., gtr., keys., bsm drms)

-Mei Mutterl War A Wienerin

    (voice, trpt., gtr., keys., bsm drms)

- Missirlou 2 in A

    (violin and chamber orchestra) {traditional}

- 4 Chamber Spirituals

  (vx., ob., trpt., cello., gtr., bs., drms{Ellington, Traditional}

  1. Come Sunday

  2.Wayfaring Stranger

  3.Walk With Me

  4. Dere's a Man Goin' Roun' Sultan

- 2015 (orchestra) {J. Zawinul}

-Me Tosa Psemata & Oniro Itane (Orchestra) {A.  Ioannidis}

- Euphoric Day (vl., elect. gtr., piano, bs., drums)

   {Mark Kostabi} - Orchestration

- Scarlet Street (vl., elect. gtr., piano, bs., drums)

    {Mark Kostabi} - Orchestration

- Cloud Atlas - March

   (trumpet, String quartet, Elc. Guitar, piano, bass, drums)

Cloud Atlas - Sextet Theme

   (String quartet, Elc. Guitar, piano, bass, drums)

- The international - Pulse

   (String quartet, Elc. Guitar, piano, bass, drums)

-  Perfume, Story or a Murderer - Meeting Laura    (trumpet, String quartet, Elc. Guitar, piano, bass, drums) - - Perfume, Story or a Murderer - The Perfume

   (trumpet, String quartet, Elc. Guitar, piano, bass, drums)

- Viljandi Suite (orchestra) 

- Hall of the mountain King  

     (violin, theremin, viola, clarinet, banjo, contra bass,

     pf.) {Edvard Grieg}

- Between Time (trpt., el. gtr., el. piano, contra bass,  

    drms., Yanggeum, Ajaeng, Gayageum, Janggo Drum)     {Ensemble Sinawi}- Arr. 

- Balkan Herbal Clinic Mr Zarko (voice, trpt., gtr., toy

    pf., pf., bs., drms.) {Zarko Jovasevic} - Arr. 

- Charleston  (violin, theremin, viola, clarinet, banjo,    

  contra bass, pf.) {Edvard Grieg} - Arr. 

- Walk With Me II (trpt., hon, sop. sx., tn. sx., trb., bs.

   tb., gtr., pf., bs., drms.) {spiritual}

- Echoes Through the Ages (vc., trpt., pf., bs., drms. -

   [Mark Kostabi} - arrangement

- Jungle (string orchestra)

    [30 orchestrations for the motion picture ‘Jungle}

   for the motion picture ‘Jungle}

     • Walking in Circles

    • Jaguars and Worms and Scorpions Part 1

- Tribes, - 9 movements (chamber orchestra and DJ)

   {Kristjan Jarvi} - Arr.

Love You - (violin, cello, guitar, bass and tap/body

   perc.) {David Gotay} - Arr.

- Libertango (celo & electronics) {Piazzola}

- Things You Leave Behind (big band)

    {Rebecca Bakken} - Orchestration

- Por una Cabeza Tango

    (5 violins & piano) {Carlos Gardel}
- Melodies of You (big band) {Eubie Blake} 
- New York New York (big band)

   {John Kander, Fred Ebb}
- Be Your Bitch (chamber ensemble) {Bellatrix}
- Primal Dream (orchestra) {Deni Bonet}
- One In A Million (orchestra) {Deni Bonet}
- Italian Summer

   (voice cl., 2 vlns.., cello & pf.) {Mark Kostabi}
- Abandenburg

  (trumpet, 2 gtrs., bs., drms. Samplestra) {based on J.S. Bach}
- Just You (chamber ensemble) {Peter Krysa} 
- Voi Che Sapete

   (soprano and sax quartet) {W. A. Mozart} 
- Die Forelle (soprano & sax quartet) {Franz Schubert}
- Auf Flügeln des Gesanges

   (soprano & sax quartet) Felix Mendelssohn}
- O Mio Babbino Caro

   (soprano & sax quartet) {Giacomo Puccini}
- Ebben, N’Andrò Lontana

   (soprano & sax quartet) {Catalani}
- Ombre légère

   (soprano & sax quartet) {Giocomo Meyerbeer}
- La Regina Dada (chamber ensemble) {Stefano Bollani}
- Moto Perpetuo (chamber ensemble) {Stefano Bollani}
- Her Majesty  (trpt. hrn. bs. trb.) {The Beatles}
- Soprano VS. Sax - Eclectic Arrangements 
Voi Che Sapete (soprano and sax quartet) {W. A. Mozart} 
       Die Forelle (soprano & sax quartet) {Franz Schubert}
       Auf Flügeln des Gesanges (soprano & sax quartet) Felix Mendelssohn}
       O Mio Babbino Caro (soprano & sax quartet) {Giacomo Puccini}
       Ebben, N’Andrò Lontana (soprano & sax quartet) {Catalani}

- Money Money Money (arr. for chamber ensemble)


- Gudejojk  (full orchestra as part of the

  Estonian Suite) {Traditional based on the

  arrangement by Jonas Knutsson and ESO}

- Kannelation  (full orchestra as part of the

  Estonian Suite)  {Jonas Knutsson}

- Kirbulugu full orchestra as part of the

  Estonian Suite) {Traditional Estonian based     on the arrangement by EFO}

- Trepak-istan' (string orchestra with e. bass

  and percussion) {P.I. Tchaikovsky}

- Tunturi / Sarvelugu (full orchestra as part of

  the Estonian Suite) {Traditional based on the

  arrangement by Jonas Knutsson}

- Echoes Through the Ages (chorus) {Mark


-  Echoes Through the Ages (chorus)

   {Mark Kostabi}
- Estonian Suite (orchestra)
   Kannelation  {Jonas Knutsson}
   Tunturi / Sarvelugu  

   {Traditional based on the arrangement by Jonas Knutsson}
   Gudejojk  {Traditional Swedish

    Orchestration: based on the arrangement by

    Jonas Knutsson and EFO}

    {Traditional Estonian based on the arrangement by EFO}
   Valge jänes

    (Traditional Estonian, Based on the arrangement

    by Jonas Knutsson)
    Viljandi Suite

     (Traditional Estonian Based on the

     arrangement by Jonas Knutsson)
   Uno Songs (Gene Pritsker)
- Estonian Suite II (chamber ensemble)
- Babylon Charleston Remix (orchestra)

    {Kristjan Jarvi}
- Babylon Charleston Remix II

   (chamber ensemble)  {Kristjan Jarvi}    
- Summertime Chamber

   (solo violin, trumpet, guitar, bass, drums) 
- Italian Summer V. 2

   (violin, clarinet, trumpet, guitar, piano) {Mark Kostabi}
- Changes (trpt., hrn., bs. trb., el. gtr.) {arr. of David Bowie} 
- Space Oddity

   (trpt., hrn., bs. trb., el. gtr.) {arr. of David Bowie} 
- Ziggy Stardust

  (trpt., hrn., bs. trb., el. gtr.) {arr. of David Bowie} 
- Fame  (trpt., hrn., bs. trb., el. gtr.) {arr. of David Bowie} 
- Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry (Big Band)

   {arr. of Aaron Later} 
- Lo Lanu Ha-Shem (Big Band)

   {arr. of Aaron Later} 
- Be Good To Me

   (trpt., hrn., bs. trb., el. gtr.) {arr. of Tina Turner}
- Sapphire Dreams (arr. for large ensemble)

   {Gernot Bernroider/Chanda Rule}
- Jett Tv series -19 orchestrations

    (chamber orchestra) 
- All Blues-Come in my Kitchen (concert band)

    {Miles Davis / Robert Johnson}

- I’m The Cat (chorus) {Mark Kostabi}
- Trellantonis Musical (rock band) {Miltos Papastamou} 
- 1,000 Kites (piano and string orch.) {Mark Kostabi}
- Rattle (chamber ensemble) {Kristjan Jarvi}
- All Blues (big Band) 
- Oh Heart of Love (voice and chamber ensemble) 
- 7 orchestrations for Robot Koch (chamber orchestra) 
- Orchestrations/Arrangements of 3 songs by Tony Esposito 
   1. Pagaia
   2. Kalimba De Luna
   3. Sinue
- Italian Summer (piano & string orchestra) {arr. of Mark Kostabi} 
- Berlin Air (chamber orchestra)  {Tom Ty
kwer, Johnny Klimek}
- Streets of Paris / The Perfume -(chamber orchestra)  {Tom Tykwer, - Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil}
- Peaches En Regalia (chamber & Samplestra) {F. Zappa} 
- Dirty Love (chamber) {F. Zappa} 
- Planet of the baritone (chamber) {F. Zappa} 
- Lumpy Gravy chamber) {F. Zappa} 
-  Runic Anthem (2 flutes, bassoon, viola da gamba, e. gtr.) {Kristjan Jarvi}
- My Distant Past  (2 flutes, bassoon, trumpet, viola da gamba, e. gtr.)     

    {Mark Kostabi}
- Something to live for (violin, trumpet, e. guitar, bass clarinet)

   {Billy Strayhdorn}

- That Friday Afternoon (voice, flute, clarinet, violin, piano)

   {Bob Brashear} 
- In The Plaza Santa Fe (voice, flute, clarinet, violin, piano)

   {Bob Brashear} 
- Stopping Along The Connecticut Turnpike  

   (voice, flute, clarinet, violin, piano) {Bob Brashear} 
- 13 orchestration fro the motion picture ‘Matrix 4’
- Liquid (chamber orc.) (arr. Robert Koch}
- Asking For A Friend (2 violins, clarinet, ac. gtr.) {arr. of Mark Kostabi}
- Brothers Wind March (flt., cl., string quintet) {arr. Jan Garbarek} 
- Swing Trucking’ (chamber ensemble) {Deep Purple} 
- Eternal Bliss (electronic track) {arr. of Mark Kostabi music}
- Child In time (chamber ensemble) {Deep Purple} 
- Burn Charleston (chamber ensemble)  {Deep Purple} 
- Smoke On The Water (chamber ensemble)  {Deep Purple} 
- Waltz for Villa Corallo (piano and string quartet) {arr. of Mark Kostabi} 
- Barber of Seville - Overture and Factotum (flute, violin, guitar and cello)      {Arr. Rossini}

Carlo Gesualdo Madrigals  (classical guitar) {arr. of Carlo Gesualdo di Venosa)
   1. Alme d'Amor rubelle
   2. Moro, lasso, al mio duolo 
   3. Tu segui, ò bella Clori
Ein Tag Wie Gold for Babylon Berlin Season 4 (Jazz band) {Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek} 
29 orchestrations for Matrix 4 {music by Tom Tykwer and Johnny Klimek) 
18 orchestrations for the TV show Leopard Skin (music by Klimek, Hafner, Shanes)
16 orchestrations for Babylon Berlin season 4 (various arrangements: chamber orch., string orch., cello & piano)
Outreach Myanmar Project (violin, viola, guitar, bass) {6 arrangements of traditional music from Myanmar}
Via con me (arr. for large ensemble) {Paolo Conte}
Steely Eyes (arr. for large ensemble) {Danny Lehrman}
La Ci Darem La Meno / There I'll Give you My Hand (soprano, baritone, 2 elec. gtrs., bs., drms)
Doug The Jitterbug (arr. for big band) {Louis Jorden}
2000 Kites (arr. for bass, flute, bass trombone, double bass) {Mark Kostabi}
Hip-Hop Hush  (chamber ensemble)  {Joe South/Deep Purple} 
Speed King Techno  (chamber ensemble & Samplestra) {Deep Purple} 
Babylon Berlin - 21 orchestrations (oechestra) {Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek} 
Song (orchestration) & Cadenza (solo violin & orchestra) {Andriy Shtoharenko} 
Love is a circular Thing (orchestra) {Deni Bonet}
Never Enough (orchestra) {Deni Bonet}
Cloud Atlas / Matrix Medley {Johnny Klimek / Tom Tykwer / Reinhold Heil}
Luka (voice and chamber orch.) {Suzanne Vega} 
- Toms Diner (voice and string orch.) {Suzanne Vega}
- Lets Go Commercial (big band) {Sophie Denur} 
- 22- orchestration for the  TV series European Heist - (orchestra) 
- Babylon Berlin Live (orchestra)
- September (chamber orchestra) {orch. of music by John Finbury}
- The Apology (wind ensemble.) {orch. of music by John Finbury}
- Incensored (alt. sx., tn. sx., vl., 3 trpts., trb., bs. trb.,bs., perc. drms.)
- Whoophough Tesephoot

(alt. sx., tn. sx., vl., 3 trpts., trb., bs. trb.,bs., perc. drms.) {orch. of music by Daniel Ismaili / Tingle)
- Willow Weep For Me (alt. sx., tn. sx., 5 trpts., trb., bs. trb., pf., bs., drms.)  {arr. of music by Ann Ronell)


music for 3 Russian Plays for BBC

    (domra, balalika, guitar, electronics)
Unforgettable Proposal (various)

Music for the movie Unforgettable Proposal
Music for the movie ‘Into the Night’

Music for BBC Radio 4: ‘Hands Up’, a play about reactions to the events at Ferguson by New Black Fest

Music for the TV series Babylon Berlin'

Music for the TV Series Jett

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