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    Composer/guitarist/rapper/Di.J./producer Gene Pritsker has written over 900 compositions, including chamber operas, orchestral and chamber works, electro-acoustic music and songs for hip-hop and rock ensembles. All of his compositions employ an eclectic spectrum of styles and are influenced by his studies of various musical cultures. 

    He is the founder and leader of Sound Liberation; an eclectic hip hop-chamber-jazz-rock-etc. an ensemble which has released CDs on Col-legno, Composers Concordance, and  Innova Records. He is also the co-director of Composers Concordance, a new music presenting organization with a 30-year history of producing concerts in NYC.  


    He co-founded the Grammy-nominated Absolute Ensemble with Kristjan Jarvi and has been a composer in residence and guitarist since its creation in 1993. Gene's music has been performed worldwide at various festivals and by many ensembles and performers including the The Adelaide Symphony, MDR Symphony, The Athens Camerata, China Philharmonic Orchestra, Brooklyn, Shanghai and Berlin Philharmonics, Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, St. Luke’s Chamber Orchestra, Sinfonietta Riga, Orchester des Pfalztheaters, Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra, Anhaltische Philharmonie, Ensemble Kontrast, as well as such soloists as Anne Akiko Meyers, Lara St. John, Sarah Chang, Kathleen Supové, Martin Kuuskmann and Simone Dinnerstein. He worked closely with jazz fusion legend Joe Zawinul and has orchestrated major Hollywood movies, including 'Cloud Atlas', for which he wrote additional music and composed his ''Cloud Atlas Symphony’. He is also the lead orchestrator for such TV series as Babylon Berlin, Jett, Netflix's Sense8 and Messiah. Gene is the lead orchestrator and has additional music in the 2021 film The Matrix Resurrections.


    The New York Times described him as "...audacious...multitalented." Joseph Pehrson, writing in The Music Connoisseur, described Pritsker as "dissolving the artificial boundaries between high brow, low brow, classical, popular musics and elevates the idea that if it's done well it is great music, regardless of the style or genre". Raul d'Gama Rose writes in All About Jazz: "Barring the obvious exceptions, much of 21st-century composition appears to be thinning in significance, but this might be about to change. Gene Pritsker is one of a very spare handful of composers effecting this change."   Evan Burke writes in ICareIf YouListen: "Pritsker seems to look at all music as one genre, in which all other possible styles, sounds, and traditions are meant to be used as building blocks and palette colors, combined in various configurations to create a boundless whole. This result is almost always more interesting, and representative of how most new music will be born in the 21st century, as genres and barriers begin to vanish, and as styles begin cross-fertilizing in previously unimagined ways." Classical Music Sentinel writes:  "His expressive reach is so wide as to encompass everything from ethno/techno, rock/jazz fusion, classical opera and more, and it all seems to be effortlessly integrated within his anima and comes out through different facets of his persona. You could almost see him as a modern day renaissance man. “


    Organizations he is associated with include:  Co-director of Composers Concordance & Composers Concordance Records, co-founder/guitarist of Absolute Ensemble and artist-in-residence at the Austrian Outreach Festival. Gene Pritsker's music is published by Falls House Press, Gold Branch Music, Periferia Sheet Music & Calabrese Brothers music. Recorded on: Col Legno, Enja, Eutrepe, Wergo, Innova, Composers' Concordance Records, SONY Classical, and Capstone record labels.


Review and interview on

‘Gene Pritsker: Varieties Of Musical Experience’

"Gene Pritsker is a modernist at heart. If there is something new to be said to describe an old form or even a formless old thing – as old as yesterday, that is – this extraordinary musician will be among the first to say it…All of his music is of the highest quality, audacious and witty, joyous and elevated, and incomparable to anything written and recorded. In all of this Gene Pritsker has created a singular vocabulary, spoken not only by someone deeply schooled in music, but also in history, theology, and philosophy."



Composers Concordance

(Co Director since ‘08,

advisory board since ‘96,

Associate Director since ‘04)


Composers Concordance Records

(Co director since 2010)


Absolute Ensemble


composer -in -residence since‘93)


Outreach Festival

(Artistic Advisory Board since ’07)


The American Composers Forum (member NY chapter since ‘96)


The New Music Connoisseur magazine (critic since ‘97-2004)


The International Street Cannibals

(composer -in -residence  ’01 - '12)



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Photo by Robert Morton

Music published by:

Falls House Press

Gold Branch Music

Calabrese Brothers Music

Periferia sheet music

M&M Press




- Lead orchestrator and have additional music in the Germany TV Series ‘Berlin Babylon’

Directed by Tom Tykwer


- Lead orchestrator and have additional music in the film ’The Darkness’

Starring Kevin Bacon

Directed by G. Mclean


- Lead orchestrator for the Netflix series 'Sense 8' directed by the

Directed by Lana & Andy Wachowski


 - Lead orchestrator for 'Hologram for a King’

Starring Tom Hanks

Directed by Tom Tykwer


- Orchestrated and have original music in the movie 'Cloud Atlas’ Starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent

Directed by Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski


- Orchestration of music for the movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer Starring: Dustin Hoffman Alan Rickman, Ben Whishaw

Directed by Tom Tykwer


- Orchestration of music for the movie The International

Starring: Clive Owen and Naomi Watts

Directed by Tom Tykwer


- Orchestration of music for the movie 'Anamorph'

Starring Willem Dafoe

Directed by H. Miller


- Orchestration for the movie Killer Elite Starring Jason Stratham and Robert De Niro

Directed by Gary McKendry


- Wrote music for short film The Unforgettable Proposal

Directed by Mohammad A. Alkazemi



- Wrote music for the short film Dead Hairy Hipster 

Directed by Ashlin Halfnight


- Wrote music for the short film Cellular Diaspora 

Directed by Renata Green-Gaber


- Wrote music for the short film  MANipulation Part 1

Directed by Doni Ross


Click on image for high res. pic.
Photo by Alexander von Busch & Kirill Simakov

Music Recorded by:



Composers Concordance Records

- Rite Through An Eclectic Spectrum

Composers Concordance Records

- Melodies Alone Can Proudly Carry Their Own Death - The Chamber Music of Gene Pritsker

Composers Concordance Records


- Groove Possessed, Electronic Groove Music of Gene Pritsker

Composers Concordance Records

- Quart@art on Composers Concordance Records. Gne's ‘Seem to Bemoan Their Imprisonment’ is featured

- Prtisker / Javis Duo on Composers Concordance Records. Gene's 'Roundelay is featured


- ‘The Mozart Influence' performed by CompCord Ensemble on Composers Concordance Records Gene has 4 pieces: 'Leck Mir Den Arsch Fein Recht Schön Sauber' (arrangement of a Mozart canon) Trembling’, 'MoZartina' (arrangement of Tchaikovsky) and the r&b song ‘Weeping’.


- Mayman - Pritsker Project. Various compositons and DJ.electonic re workings of jazz stanfards for jazz band woth DJ on the album '2015 Annual Report' on Composers Concordance Records released in 2015.


- 'Blues From An Airport Bar' a song cycle on the album 'Song Cycles' on Composers Concordance Records released in 2015.


- ‘Manhattan in Charcoal’ a chamber opera with libretto/poetry by Jacob Miller on Composers Concordance Records released in 2015.


Zentripital Duo releases their debut CD feat. Gene’s Clubbin’ on Composers Concordance Records 


- Licorice Ensemble records Grip II on their ‘Licorice Rhapsody’ CD for Furious Artisans Records


- Sound Liberation recorded 13 composition of Genes on Composers Concordance Records for an album titled: 'Days'


- 'Samplestra' released on Composers Concordance Records, focusing on electro - acoustic compositions


- The piano concerto 'Reinventions' on Sony Records with Simone Dinnerstein and the Absolute Ensemble, K. Jarvi, conductor


- The Chamber opera 'William James' Varieties of Religious Experiences'  released on Composers Concordance Records


- Trio Amalgamate releases an album featuring Gene's compositions


- Sound Liberation recorded 13 composition of Genes on Col Legno records for an album titled 'Open Up Your Ears and Get Some'


-'Varieties of Religious Experiences Suite' recorded by the Sound Liberation Quintet on Innova Records.


- bassoonist Matthias Kronsteiner records the album 'Modified' featuring Gene's composition 'Modified #3' on Composers Concordance Records


- 9 orchestrations of Joe Zawinuls music performed by the Absolute Ensemble. on Intuition Records - Absolute Zawinul


- International Street Cannibals present solo-duo-trio-quartet-quintet: the chamber and electronic music of Gene Pritsker' to be released on Composers Concordance Records


- "A Challenge to the Dark' for chamber ensemble and 'Dead Souls' for solo guitar included on the album 'Ballets & Solos' released on CCR/Naxos


- The Absolute Ensemble released a CD on Enja Records featuring Fix and an Arrangement of Super Bad. The CD is named after the septet.


- Pan(ic) for solo flute recorded by Nina Assimakopoulos on Euterpe label, the album is titled: Arcadian Murmmurs: Pan in Pieces.


- Junk Fragment for electronics released on the Capstone label, the album is titled: 60X60.


- I'm Afraid You Might ask for A Fragment Of My Soul for solo piano has been released on CD by pianist Guy Livingston entitled: Don't Panic on Wergo Records.


- Guitarist Greg Baker has Recorded an album of Gene Pritsker's guitar music called: Scars, Wounds and Lacerations Plus Snow to Numb the Effect.


-Singer Melanie Mitrano has recorded the song Perirrhanterium, stanza XIII (Truth) for two sopranos and electronics, It is included on her CD Songs in Transit on Capstone records..


- 'Falls to with an Appetite' for string quartet and clarinet is featured on a CD by the Lumina String Quartet with clarinetist Phil Basher. The CD is entitled: New York Composers.


- Counterfeiters recorded by the B3+ brass trio for their album Uncommon Sense on Col Legno records.


- Sound Liberation self titled debut album

2021 highlights

Jan.  Release of 'Money a Hip-Hop Chamber Opera' as performed by Sound Liberation & Friends 

Feb.  Michiyo Suzuki & Gene Pritsker as part of the ‘Low Key Chamber Concert Series’ #1. Compositions performed include:'Pandemic Dance #7', 'Ineffably Still', 'Tyranny Of Choice' & '71' Presented by Composers Concordance.

March  Premiere of 'Don't Count On The Mirror' for three vibraphones and a performance of 'Pandemic Dance #10’ for e. guitar & vibraphone as part of Composers Concordance and WPU New Music series presents 'Centennial Vibes’ at William Paterson University    

April  Premiere of '7 Short Poems' on poetry of Erik T. Johnson for Soprano, and Di.J. performed by sopranoAdriana Valdés and Gene as Di.J., part of Composers Concordance 'O Haiku My Haiku' concert at Kostabi World  

May  'The Difference' for piano and string quartet performed as part of Composers Concordance 'Mark & Gene' - Piano & strings' concert at Kostabi World.  With Jai Jeffryes and Quartet Metadata. Also Jai premieres 'Prelude & Fugue #3' and new arrangements of Mark Kostabi's compostions. 

June The premiere of  'The Omnipotent Sorcerer' by the CompCord Ensemble at the  Howland Cultural Center in Beacon, NY 

July  Performing ‘Lets Save The World Suite' as part of the Outreach Festivals 'Music Power In The Park’ at Sparkassenpark in Schwaz, Austria 

Aug Gene is back at the Austria Outreach Festival. Performances of 'Let's Save The World Suite', A piece with the Outreach Orchestra, 6 new arrangements of music from Myanmar for a mixed quartet. Plus workshops, masterclasses and other performances. 

Sept. 'Gene @50'. A birthday concert of Gene's compositions at DROM NYC.

Oct. Ljiljana Winkler Premieres the mini opera for soprano and piano, 'Soubrette auf der Toilette’  at the München Gesellschaft für neue Musik (Munich Society for New Music)

Nov.   'Humbug Jitterbug' for big band performed by the CompCord Big Band as part of Composers Concordance concert,  Gene will conduct the band in over 10 new big band compositions at the City Winery NYC  -  also his arrangements of Luis Jordan's Doug The Jitterbug and Ginka Mizuki's 'DODO' will be premiered. 

Dec. Gene does a mini West Coast tour which includes a concert in Seattle with Noizepunk & Petro, The Vancouver Symphony and Lara St. John premiering 'ChristMess Blues' and going ot the premier of the film The Matrix Resurrections for which Gene is the lead orchestrator and has additional music.



2020 highlights

Jan. The premiere of 'EroicAnization' a commission for ensemble KONTRASTE, for Di.J. and chamber ensemble based on Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony conducted by

       Hans Rotman, performed at Tafelhalle, in Nuremberg, Germany. Also as an encore on this concert is the premiere of 'Fur Elise Charleston' 

Feb. Dan Auerbach and Jai Jeffryes perform ‘Suite #1’ as part of the Composers Now Series at the College of Staten Island 

March ‘Away’ for piano and string quintet performed at Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorium as part of Port of Entry: New York 

April 'Drummer Dances' performed by The Licorice Clarinet Quartet as part of Composers Concordance and Project 142 'Clarinet Motion' concert.

May Gene has 5 premieres as part of Composers Concordance 9th Annual CompCord Festival: 'Comp | Lit Festival'

June Premiere of a piece for trumpet and string quartet as part of Composers Concordance & Entertaining Science concert with Franz Hackl and Quartet MetaData.

July  The premiere of 'Pandemic Trio #4' for guitar, piano and percussion, and 'Pandemic Dance #5' for congas and electric guitar as part of Composers Concordance Social Bubble Salon concert #3 at Kostabi Wolrd.

Aug. The premiere of 'Silence Is Still Violence’ for large ensemble at the 2020 Outreach Music Festival

Sept. Premieres of the sextet 'Now Is the Winter of Our Discoteque' as part of Composers Concordance 9th Annual CompCord Festival: 'Comp | Lit Festival'

Now Is the Winter of Our Discoteque by the CompCord Ensemble at Michiko Studios NYC.

Oct. The premiere of 'Void' for woodwind quintet and percussion by the musicians of the Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Wernigerode at Liebfrauenkirchhof, Wernigerode, Germany, as part of Impuls Festival. The piece will be performed three times throughout the day. 

Nov. The premiere of 'Conga Graffiti'  for 3 congas as part of Composers Concordance 'Conga Mania' concert at Kostabi World

Dec. 'Pandemic Dances' #'s 4, 7, 9, 11, 17, and 21 performed/premiered as part of Composers Concordance 'Pandemic Dances' concert at Kostabi World, also the premiere of 'Mantra 2020'

2019 highlights

Jan. Gene premieres 'Everywhere in Chains' for piano quartet, as part of Composers Concordance 'Tick Tock ' concert at National Opera Center.
Feb. 2019: Kai Schumacher premieres 'Reinventions Revisited' piano concerto, for piano, vibes, drums set, DjJ., E. Gtr., and string orchestra in Duisburg Germany with

     the Duisburg Philharmonic Orch. strings. 

March Eclectic Music eXtravaganza performs at Sowieso Neukölln, Berlin. A concert featuring many compositions by Gene.

April  Sound Liberation performs as part of Composers Concordance 'Eclectic Bands' concert. 

May  Gene has 6 compositions on each of the 5 concerts of Composers Concordance 'Animals Festival’.

June Sound Liberation headlines the 5th annual Make Music Harlem  Festival.

July  ‘Estonian Connections’ for 2 flutes and string orchestra performed by Marrika Jarvi and Monika Mattiesen - flutes with the Järvi Academy Chamber Orchestra,

    Krsitjan Jarvi - conducting at the Pärnu Concert Hall as part of the Parnu Music Festival in Parnu, Estonia 

Aug Gene is back at the Outreach Festival in Schwaz, Austria. He will present his 'Frozen Present Berlin' concert, as well as other performances and workshops.

Sept  Premiere of the piano concerto ‘Life Speeds Away, As time Here Becomes Space’ with Matt Herskowitz and the CompCord String Orchestra. 

Oct CompCord Ensemble performs at The Yale Club. 

Nov  Gene is at the Outreach Satellite Festival in Bavaria, Germany where he will have numerous concerts of his music. including a big band concert a chamber orchestra       concert and a concert band performance. Many premieres including the double trumpett concerto ‘Three Towns for Two trumpets’ 

Dec  On New Years eve Gene conducts the concert 'Babylon Berlin Inspired’ featuring his‘ Berlin Suite' and various early jazz arrangements from the TV series Babylon

     Berlin at the  SILVESTIVAL-Festival at the Historic Town Hall, Nuremberg in Nürnberg, Germany.   


2018 highlights

Jan. Premiere of 'Drip' and 'Lead To It Through A Context' for Gamelan ensemble by Gamelan Yowana Sari as part of Composers Concordance concert at     

      Goddard Riverside.

Feb. Premiere of the orchestral piece  'Runo Songs’ as part of the Estonian Suite (which is orchestrated by Gene) by the Estonian Folk Orchestra and the 

        Konzerthausorchester Berlin with Kristjan Jarvi conducting, at the Berlin Konzerthaus.

March 'Crumbs' premiered as part of Composers Concordance ‘CompCord Big Band’ concert at The Cutting Room

April 'Club Crawl’ and 'Incantations’ performed on tour with Absolute Ensemble at the Tallinn Music Week in Tallinn, Estonia and at the Concert hall Great Amber,

      in Liepāja, Latvia. The concert opens with a solo Di.J. set by Gene premiering 'Latvian ReMIx’ and performing with Miltos Papastampu ‘Signify’ and 

     'Miserlou Remix’ 

May  Gene has 5 premieres as part of Composers Concordance’s 'Art Of Sound' Festival including 'Unstable Behavior In Paintings' for guitar and drum set

       premiered at  DROM in NYC.’Gene & The Vocalists' @ Bar Thalia,  Symphony Space. Performing old and new vocal/choral compositions.

June Sound Liberation performs at Connolly's NYC, Music includes compositions from 'Rith Through an Eclectic Spectrum' as well as older Sound Lib. songs. 

July Eclectic Music eXtravaganza  European tour (concerts in Italy, Germany, and Austria)  performances of  'Disruptive Forms of Nonsense II', 'Sentient', 'Larva'

       from 'Maggots'  bari sax concerto as well as 'Kostabi-isms'

Aug. Gene is back at the Outreach Music Festival in Schwaz, Austria. Where he performs concerts, teaches workshops and classes as well as performs a  concert

       with Eclectic Music eXtravaganza (EMX) Ensemble and the Outreach Orchestra 

Sept.. Three of the '4 Choral Pieces on Hebrew Letters' performed at William Paterson University as part of Composers Concordance '72' concert. 

Oct.. 'Lost City! Drum Battle for 4 Percussionists’ commissioned by the Impuls Festival performed by four percussionists from the Magdeburg Philharmonic, the

       MDR Symphony Orchestra and the Staatskapelle Halle: Csaba Pillinger, Thomas Winkler, Ivo Nitschke, Sven Pauli. In Steintor-Varieté Hall, Halle Germany 

Nov..  Gene is in Friedberg, Germany at the Castle Festival, performing in concerts and giving workshops. Concert include; Berlin Inspired where he will premiere

       his 'Berlin Suite' and his early jazz style arrangement of music from the TV series 'Babylon Berlin' also the concert  Mozart Influence where he will premiere ‘Mozart’s

       Step-Grandmother’ for trumpet and big band, Peter Oswald - trumpet soloist and the Uni - Bigband Augsburg all happening at the  Castle Friedberg Concert Hall.

       Friedberg, Germany

Dec.. Kai Schumacher premieres 'Human Rights Sentiment'  for 2 pianos and narrator as part of the Human Rights Project at Museum Rolandseck in Remagen,



2017 highlightss
   •    1/26 Premiere of  'RoundTable' for string quartet and percussion quartet as part of Composers Concordance ‘Roundtable’ concert with Ethel &            Talujon @ Le Poisson Rouge. 
   •    2/29 'Gene and the Woodwinds’ @ Le Poisson Rouge Gallery. With Michiyo Suzuki, Meighan Stoops, Keve Wilson, Karen Bogardus, Igor

         Bagelman and Paul Mills aka Poez. Premiering ‘How Far 2 Zuccotti Park’ for narrator and wind trio, ‘Affections’ for flute & oboe, as well as a            new Choro for oboe & Di.J.
   •    3/3 - 3/12 Composers Concordance 6th Annual CompCord Festival ‘New York / New Music’ ‘New York / New Music’ Gene has a premiere at          each of the 6 concerts, Including: .Three Paintings Bout’ New York by Kostabi’ for violin &  big band featuring Vesselin Gellev,
   •    3/10 The 3rd Movement of 'A Certain Degree of Neurosis’ will be released on Nonclassical//Outside the Lines album. As performed by The                NasDUO.
   •    3/30 Gene performs at the Tallinn Music Week Festival with Kristjan Jarvi & Bellatrix. Premiering 'Radio Melt' for Di.J. and Chamber                         
ensemble as well as performing an electronic Di.J. set.
   •     4/22 premiere of ‘No One Listens’ for violin, cello & guitar quartet at Composers Concordance ‘ Generations VII ’at Goddard Riverside -        

           Bernie Wohl Center
   •     5/28 InterXchange Big Band and soprano sax soloist Gerson Galante perform ‘ 'Three Paintings 'Bout New York by Kostabi' at the Clam

           Escola de Musica (Centro Livre de aprendizagem musical) in São Paulo, Brazil
   •     5/30 Composers Concordance presents 'Be A Human' featuring Sound Liberation  with Mark Kostabi & Poez at the Cutting Room. Gene

          compositions include 'Human Condition',premiere of 'Sitting II', Spring Swing and 'God Dammit'.
   •     6/22 Gene & The Percussionists at le Poisson Rouge Gallery. With Michael Lipsey, Cesare Papetti, Peter Jarvis, Patti Cudd and Jim Kempner.

          Premiering 'Melting Pot’ for Ghatam & Sampelstra, Clap for percussion trio and Di.J. and 'Encomium' for Darbuka & guitar. Also performing

          ‘Sitting’ percussion & Sampestra, and 'Comedic Poems’ for comedian, guitar and drum set.
   •     7/18 Eclectic Music Extravaganza IV 'New York Meets Berlin' @ Ballhaus in Berlin, Germany. Premieres include 'Kostabi Melody Variations

          II’ for trumpet, sax and piano, ‘Maggots’ a baritone sax concerto for Christoph Enzel, as well as performances of 'Rags For Piano’ performed

          by Kai Schumacher and the duo ‘Encomium’ performed by Gene and Philipp Bernhard. Also performances of two new arrangements of

          Gene’s: 'Petro Krysa’s 'Just You…’ and Zarko Jovasevic’s ' When I Close My Eyes’.
   •    8/25 Premiere of ‘Water Possessed Afresh’ by the BalticSea Philharmonic in Konzerthaus Berlin and three more performances in Germany of

          the piece in  Usedom Music Festival in Peenemünde, Open Air Schloßplatz in Wittenberg, and Elbphilharmonie Hamburg in Hamburg, 
   •    8/5 ‘Trump - A Theatrical Concerto’ has its European premiere at the Outreach Festival in Schwaz, Austria
   •    9/3 Premiere of ‘Club Crawl’ for DJ and chamber ensemble at the BrmenMusik Festival with DJ Mr. Switch and the Absolute Ensemble
   •    10/26 Trump - A Di.J. Concerto’ performed at the opening of the 2017 Impuls Festival in Steintor-Varieté Halle, Germany by Gene Pritsker -

          Di.J. and the MDR Symphony, Ulrich Kern,  conductor.
   •    10/27 Premiering a new score to the classic silent Russian movie ‘Battleship Potamkin’, live at the Silent Movie Music Festival in Nürnberg

          with ensemble KONTRASTE
   •    Release of The Cloud Atlas Symphony as recorded by The MDR Orchestra, Kristjan Jarvi - conductor 
   •    11/5 'Mercy' a concerto for cello,  Di.J. and string orchestra premiered as part of Composers Concordance ‘Concertos & Stuff’ concert at Le

          Poisson Rouge
   •    3/15 CompCord Ensemble performs at NWEAMO in San Diego State University School of Music and Dance. Gene will have premiere of new

          compositions as well performances of older ones.
   •    Im April new compositions premiered at 4 concerts as part of Composers Concordance ’Art of Sound'  Festival


2015/16  highlights:

•    ’40 Changing Orbits’ performed by the Deutsches Symphony Orchestra at Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg  Kristjan Jarvi, conductor.
•    Gene is presenting a concert in Berlin as part of the XJazz festival called ‘Cinematic Jazz’. featuring new arrangements of music form various movies that he has worked on with Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil as well as premiering 4 new  compositions that combine music and the visual arts. 
•    The CompCord Ensemble travels to San Diego and performs at the New West Electronic Arts & Music Festival. The program is titled 'Myth & Music', Gene premieres: 'Sisyphus - Sinner condemned' for violin, piano, gtr., bs.and Di.J. as well as a duo for alto sax and electric guitar called ‘Reproaches’ with Todd Rewoldt.
•    The motion picture 'A Hologram for the King’ directed by Tom Tykwer and starring Tom Hanks on which Gene is the lead orchestrator is released world wide.
•    The CD ‘Pritsker / Jarvis Duo’ on Composers Concordance Records. Gene's composition ‘Roundelay’ for electric guitar & drum set is featured.
•    Gene is at the XJazz Festival in Berlin, presenting a concert of his music as well as his arrangements of music from Tom Tykwer films titled: 'Cinematic Jazz' with a chamber ensemble.@ Emmauskirche
•    ‘Gene and The Violinists’ at LPR Gallery. An all GP violin compositions concert featuring Peter Krysa, Lynn Bechtold, Mioi Takeda - (Miolina Duo), Gregor Kitzis, Hajnal K. Pivnick
•    Sound Liberation performs at the Shrine in Harlem NYC with Stratospheerius as part of Composers Now Festival
•    In July, Presenting the 3rd annual ‘Eclectic Music Extravaganza New York Meets Berlin’ in Berlin
•    Music for a play, featuring the Clair Obscur Sax Quartett based on Alessandro Bariccos ‘Novecento. Un Monologo’ premiered in Recklinghausen as part of Ruhrfestspiele.
•    Premiere of ‘A Cuban Way of Looking at Carmen’ for clarinet and chamber orchestra featuring Igor Begelman with  the CompCord Chamber Orch. As well as the first movement of the violin concerto ‘Not to be Able to Stand Solitude’ with Lynn Bechtold, violin.
•    The release of the album ‘Groove Possessed’ Electronic Groove Music of Gene Pritsker on Composers Concordance Records.
•    The release of the album ‘Melodies Alone Can Proudly Carry Their Own Death - The Chamber Music of Gene Pritsker on Composers Concordance Records.
•    Producing the cocnert 'Convex vs. Concave' The Compositions of Gene Pritsker & Arthur Kampela @ Gallery at (Le) Poisson Rouge. Premiering a composition for tap dancer, percussion & Di.J.
•    Gene is co-producing the ‘Eclectic Music Extravaganza - New York Meets Berlin’ at Gruner Salon in Berlin, Germany.  With an international array of musicians. World Premieres include Gene’s ‘Haiku Shout’ Song Cycle for shout voice and chamber ensemble, ‘Black Sabbath from Heavy Metal In The 80’s’ for solo piano, ‘Kostabi Melody Variations’ for 4 hands piano and ‘Quotes From People Born on July 18th’ for narrators, Di.J. and chamber ensemble.  Other music includes a Pritsker arrangement of ’Balkan Herbal Clinic Mr Zarko’ by Zarko Jovasevic for voice and chamber ensemble, and his quartet ‘Poem #2 Reflections in sound on the poem: 'The Carcass'' by Charles Baudelaire’. 
•    Composers Concordance Records presents the European album release concert for the album 'The Mozart Influence’ Performed by The Comp Cord Ensemble at the 2016 'Outreach Festival' in Schwaz, Austria. Music by: Mozart, Pritsker, Clark, Taylor, Paranosic, Cooper, Tchaikovsky.


2015 highlights:

• In January 2015 the premiere of 'Migrational' a beat box and Di.J. concerto, Indra Tedjasukmana - beat boxer, Gene - Di.j. and the         MDR chamber orchestra, at Schaubühne in Leipzig, Germany 

• In July of 2015, The MDR Symphony premiered a new concerto for Beat Boxer and orchestra; “Migration’ with the female world

  champion beat boxer Bellatrix, in Leipzig, Germany at Werk II - Kulturfabrik. As well as a performance of the orchestral piece '40

  Changing Orbits' in June at the Gewandhaus, Leipzig, Germany. 

• The release of the Chamber opera 'Manhattan in Charcoal' on poetry/libretto of Jacob Miller on Composers Concordance Records

  (5/15) "a new work of real importance, a chamber opera that stands out as exemplary for our times..”- Gapplegate Classical Modern

  Music Review, April 2015. “Gene Pritsker is a composer of dazzling invention”…"this opera will grab you, often put a twist in your gut  and every once in a while leave you breathless." - JazzdaGama July 2015

• Premiere performance of Gene’s orchestration of the Kurt Weill opera ‘Johnny Johnson’ at the Kurt Weill Festival 2015, with Kristjan  

  Järvi and the MDR Sinfonieorchester directed and acted by Bernhard Bettermann  

• ‘Flammenschrift A Fanfare for the Natives of this Earth’ for orchestra. To be premiered in October as the opening of the 2015 Impuls  

  Festival in Halle, Germany  by the Staatskapelle Halle, as well as a repeat performance of the composition in Dec. by The Anhaltische   Philharmonie at the Bauhaus, in Dessau, Germany

• Premiere of 'Venial' for percussion quartet by the NJ Percussion Ensemble at Composers Concordance 5th annual Generation  c


• Composers Concordance presents ‘Multi Band’ for its 5th annual festival. 5 concerts in one week focusing on bands, groups,

  ensembles. Gene has a premiere in each concert, including a performance by Sound Liberation. 

• Lead orchestrator for: The Netflix series 'Sense 8'  (directed by Lana & Andy Wachowski). The film 'Hologram for a King', starring Tom

  Hanks, (directed by T. Tykwer). The film '6 Miranda Drive', starring kevin Bacon (directed by G. Mclean)

• Presenting a concert of Gene’s music in Berlin, at Ballhaus. ‘Eclectic Music Extravaganza - New York meets Berlin’  featuring the Clair

  Obscur Sax Quartet. Premieres include; ‘Soothe Blues’ for beat boxer and sax Quartet, ‘Canons for 2 Electric Guitars’, ‘Bemoan’ for

  sax and guitar, ‘Migration Song’ for beat boxer and chamber ensemble.

• Presenting a concert of Gene’s music at the 2015 Outreach Festival in Schwaz Austria ‘Eclectic chamber Music’. Premiere of ‘Suite #1’

  for violin and piano, ‘Priest’ from ‘heavy Metal in the 80’s’ for solo piano, A new trio for violin, electric guitar and piano called

  ‘Absorbeat’, as well as performances of other pieces.  

• Presenting a concert of Gene’s music at the 2015 Drayton Harbor Festival in Blaine, WA. Premiering various music for a chamber

  ensemble. Including: ‘Mourning’, ‘Schubert Freeze Blues’ and ‘Canon - Speak Your Mind’. 

• Composers Concordance 2015-’16 Season includes 16 concerts. Gene has a premiere at each of these. Including choral, big band,

  chamber orchestra concerts, a solo violin concert at LPR with Tim Fain, and a William Paterson University concert titled ‘The Love

  Project’ - Gene’s ‘Open Arms Could Still Define a Home’ for chamber ensemble. DJ and video is premiered.

• Recorded ‘Berlin Suite’ with the Absolute Ensemble for the upcoming German TV Series Babylon Berlin.





2014 highlights:

- ‘Mind, I have a Question for You’ a cocnerto fro violin and Di.J.with violinist Vessko Gellev and Gene as Di.J, premiered on the

   Absolute Ensemble 'Absolute Korea' Tour Five concerts in Oct. 2014, with guest soloist Sarah Chang who premieres Gene's 'Gangam

   Style/Zigeunerweisen' (based on Psy and Sarasate), 'Felix & Georges Go Clubbin' (based on Mendelssohn and Bizet),  and an

   arrangement of 'Vitali Chaconne' 

- Cloud Atlas Symphony  performed around the world by Kristjan Jarvi and various orchestras including Shanghai Symphony Orchestra,

  Beijing  Philharmonic, Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra in Tokyo and Yokohama, and the MDR orchestra in Leipzig.

- Breadth of Rhetoric' for bassoon and orchestra premiered on August 5th 2014 by Martin Kuuskmann - bassoon and The Orchestra of

  St. Luke's at the at International Double Reed Society 2014 conference at NYU. 

- Release of the the piano concerto 'Reinventions' on Sony Records with Simone Dinnerstein and the Absolute Ensemble, K. Jarvi,


- Composers Concordance launches its 30th Season in Sept. 2014. Included in the many concerts is the five concerts in one week

  ‘Anniversaries Festival’, Gene has five premieres on the festival including a new concerto for trumpet and string orchestra; ‘Sonnets’,

  with soloist Franz Hackl.

- Three movements from the 'Cloud Atlas Symphony' performed by the MDR orchestra at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig.

- Sound Liberation releases the album 'Days' on Composers Concordance Records

- Pianist Kai Schumacher premieres 'The Cloud Atlas Evocation with the Orchester des Pfalztheaters Kaiserslautern  in Kaiserslautern,


- Orchestrating the Netflix series 'Sense 8'  (directed by Lana & Andy Wachowski), Orchestrating and have original music in the new film

  'Hologram for a King', starring Tom Hanks, (directed by T. Tykwer), Orchestrating the new film '6 Miranda Drive' , starring kevin

  Baconz(directed by G. Mclean)

- Presenting the European premiere of 'The Rite Through an Eclectic Spectrum'  with Sound Liberation at the 2014 Outreach Festival in   Austria. 

- Co-producing a concert in Berlin with Kai Schumacher and Daniel Schnyder at Gruener Salon, titled: 'NY Meets Berlin'.



2013 highlights:

- Release of the album 'Samplestra' on  Composers Concordance Records, focusing on electro - acoustic compositions - Two cd

  release concerts for the album - one at DROM in NYC the second at Outreach Festival in Schwaz, Austria 

- Release of the the piano concerto 'Reinventions' on Sony Records with Simone Dinnerstein - piano and the Absolute Ensemble, K. J

  Jarvi, conductor

- Ensemble KONTRASTE performs the piano concerto  'Reinventions' throughout the year

- The orchestral piece '40 Changing Orbits' and a movement from the new violin concerto 'Variations on Japanese Melodies' performed

  at the Parnu Music Festival in Estonia by the Riga Sinfonietta with Anne Akiko Meyers - violin and Kristjan Jarvi conducting 

- Tour With Absolute Ensemble to South Korea. 'Soul Fragments Tango' and Reinvention (mvmnt 3) are performed

- Sound Liberation premieres the 45 min. 'The Rite of Spring Through an Eclectic Spectrum' at the Cutting Room in NYC

- Absolute Ensemble performs 'Reinventions' with Simone Dinnerstein the Bach Festival in Leipzig Germany

- 'Folk Rhetoric' performed by Martin Kuuskmann - bassoon and Neeme Jarvi - conductor with Orchestre de la Suisse Romande 

  Bâtiment des Forces Motrices - Salle Théodore Turrettini, Geneva on the 16th and in Théâtre de Beaulieu, Lausanne, Switzerland.

- Producing The Composers Concordance Festival: 'Timber Tantrum' in Dec. 2013, Six concerts in one week. Gene has a composition

  on each.

- MDR symphony performs the 6th Movement of The Cloud Atlas Symphony at their 'Wagner Gala' live on German television, as well as

  a Wagner medley arranged by Gene in Leipzig, Germany 

- At the Outreach Festival in Schwaz, Austria The european CD release for the album 'Samplestra' Also premiering 2 pieces with the

  Outreach Orchestra 'Dodecamountainphonic II' and 'Transfigured Swing'



2012 highlights:

- Release of the chamber opera 'William James's Varieties of Religious Experiences' on Composers Concordance Records.

-  'Cloud Atlas Symphony' premiered by Kristjan Jarvi and the Leipzig MDR Symphony in Nov. 2012 at the IMPULS Festival in Halle. It will be released in 2014

- Producing The Composers Concordance Festival. Five concerts in one week. Gene has a composition on each. Including the inaugural performance of the Composers Concordance Orchestra (CCO). Gene is writing a new violin concerto for Lara St. John and the CC with Tom Bo Conducting.

- Release of the the piano concerto 'Reinventions' on Sony Records with Simone Dinnerstein and the Absolute Ensemble, K. Jarvi, conductor 

- Orchestrated the movie 'Cloud Atlas' directed by Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski, to be released world wide in Oct. 

- Sound Liberation releases 2 singles from their upcoming album 'DAYS' The singles are 'Need' and 'Breath'  featuring Chanda Rule on Vocals. 

- Sound Liberation performs at the BremenMusk Fest 2011 a set of Gene's music including the VRE Suite and selections from the hip-hop chamber opera 'Money'

- Premiere of a new violin concerto 'Incantation' at the Saint Denis Festival in Paris with Miltos Papastamou and The Absolute Ensemble

- Absolute Ensemble in Bremen, Germany at the BremenMusk Fest 2012. Premiere of the chamber orchestra piece '40 Changing Orbits' and a performance of 'Incantation' for violin and chamber orchestra and of 'Reinventions' for piano and chamber orchestra as well as performances of various arrangements of Zappa, Zawinul etc.


2011 highlights:

- 'solo-duo-trio-quartet-quintet, the chamber and electronic Music of Gene Pritsker' released in February 2011 on , Composers' Concordance Records.

-The piano concerto 'Reinventions' recorded for Sony Records with Simone Dinnerstein and the Absolute Ensemble, K. Jarvi, conductor 

- Violinist Lara St. John premieres  'Russian Evening Suite' 

- Sound Liberation performs at the BremenMusk Fest 2011 a set of Gene's music including the VRE Suite and selections from the hip-hop chamber 

  opera 'Money'

- Producing many concerts with Composers' Concordance, and  The International Street Cannibals Including The Composers Concordance Festival 

- A new ballet: 'The Report' by Henry Daniel for Di.J. (G.P.) and violinist Peter Krysa. performed at The Conference on the Conference in Vancouver, 


- Premiere of 'Destined' chamber orchestra and Samplestra by the Absolute ensemble at the 2011 Dresden Music Festival

- Orchestrating and writing music for the motion picture Cloud Atlas. Starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry

- Release of the album 'Cello Lounge' by Noizepunk & BorisLove on Composers Concordance Records 

- Premiering 'Expeditions' for narrator, cello, guitar, piano, brass quintet and Di.J. at the 2011 Outreach Music Festival in Schwaz Austria in August. Also 

  the Cd release concert for 'Cello Lounge' by Noizepunk & BorisLove


past highlights include 

- Violinist Anne Akiko Meyers records Variations on Sakura, Sakura for E1 Entertainment Records. 

- Gene was the composer-in-residence at William Paterson University where he had numerous premieres and performances of his music. 

- A tour of the piano concerto Reinvention's with The Absolute Ensemble and soloist Simone Dinnerstein. Performances in the U.S., Canada, Germany 

   and Greece. 

- A new violin concerto; 'The Modes' for Miltos Papastamou and Absolute premiered  at the Athens Music Festival. 

- A performance of 'Essentially Tragic' for solo electric bassoon, chamber orchestra & Samplestra performed by Matthias Kronsteiner and the Tactus - 

   Ensemble at Manhattan School of Music as part of the inaugural Contemporary Performance Program Concerto Competition. 

- The release of the VRE Suite on Innova records, a one hour composition for the quintet portion of Sound Liberation. "4 stars"  "unexpected twists and 

   turns...The result my have you seeing visions...strainsof jazz, contemporary classical music, minimalism, and even hip-hop and and African rhythms " - 

   John Ephland, Downbeat, Nov. 2010

- The US release of Absolute Zawinul, a CD of Genes orchestrations of the Music of Joe Zawinul as performed by the Absolute Ensemble with Mr. 

   Zawinul (the last recording he did). 

- The song 'No Truth' featured in the motion picture 'The Wedding Brothers'. 

- The chamber/hip-hop opera Money was performed at the Etna Festival in Catania, Sicily.

-  Sound Liberation released a CD on Col-Legno records called 'Open Up Your Ears and Get Some' "The freedom of sounds, as the name suggests, is 

   truly implemented in a masterful way" wrote Jazzethic Magazine.

- The launching of Composers Concordance Records, Distributed by Naxos. Gene is a co-director. First release: "Ballets & Solos'. Genes compositions 'A 

   Challenge to the Dark' for chamber ensemble and 'Dead Souls' for solo guitar are included.

-  Absolute Zawinul: Genes orchestrations of the Music of Joe Zawinul as performed by the Absolute Ensemble with Mr. Zawinul (last recording he did). 


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