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New Article in the Mexican 'Publimetro'.



Stray In Place Song Cycle 


Gene Pritsker Trio






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Operatic Electric 



Radio interview on BAR CRAWL RADIO with the hosts: Alan and Rebecca Winson 

Eclectic Music eXtravaganza (EMX) -Release date 8/18 on Composers Concordance Records 

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Radio plays of EMX CD:

1.American Highways - Keys Of Change

2. Unpopular Music 

3. Not Brahms and Liszt

Radio Interview on  'American Highways' - Keys of Change series

Eclectic Music eXtravaganza (EMX) - on Composers Concordance Records 

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‘Rite Through an Eclectic Spectrum’


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Premiere of 'Trump a Di.J. Concerto'  at the Impuls Festival with MDR Symph.

Recent interview on BR Klassik

Premiere of Club Crawl at the Bremen Musikfest

Recent Album:

Melodies Alone Can Proudly Carry Their Own Death

The Chamber Music of Gene Pritsker 


 Groove Possessed 

Pritsker / Jarvis Duo 

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Composer/guitarist Gene Pritsker and Composer/percussionist Peter Jarvis team up for an album of new music for electric guitar and drum set. For this endeavor, besides writing their own compositions, the duo reached out to a few composers and requested some new music for this unusual combination. The result is an album of six compositions by Jarvis, Pritsker, David Saperstein, Joseph Pehrson, Jessica Wells and Daniel Palkowski. Daniel on synthesizers along with Dan Cooper on bass, join the duo to form a quartet with electronics in the Jessica Wells composition. The music on this recording forms a synergy between complex musical notation and passages of free improvisation.


'The Mozart Influence' performed by CompCord Ensemble on Composers Concordance RecordsGene has 4 pieces: 'Leck Mir Den Arsch Fein Recht Schön Sauber' (arrangement of a Mozart canon) Trembling’, 'MoZartina' (arrangement of Tchaikovsky) and the r&b song ‘Weeping’.

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Mayman - Pritsker Project on Composers Concordance Records/Naxos This recording blends jazz standards, hip-hop beats, electronic grooves, contemporary compositions and improvisation.‘

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Composers Concordance MultiBand Festival is in full sowing from Nov. 24th to Dec. 12th - check out the fest page -


Just recorded ‘The Berlin Suite’ with Absolute end,bel to be used in a new German TV series directed by Tom Tykwer called Babylon Berlin - check out the midi mock ups -


Finished writing the 10 minute fanfare ‘Flammenschrift A Fanfare for the Natives of this Earth for orchestra. To be premiered in October as the opening of the 2015 Impuls Festival in Halle, Germany 


The release of the opera ‘Manhattan In Charcoal’ on Composers Concordance Records, distributed by Naxos in May 2015


Amazing tour of Korean tour with Absilute Ensemble and Sarah Chang where my composiotn 'Mind, I have a Question for you' as well as 2 other pieces and Arrangements were premierd in 5 cocnerts and a radio broadcast.  - vids   pics   


Composers Concordance 30th anniversary season is in effect! check out season page for updates

And mark your calends for the  Season Opener / Fundraiser on September 27, 7pm at Gallery MC


I have been selected as one of five composers to compete in the Iron Composer competition in Cleveland, Ohio. Presented as part of Cleveland’s Ingenuity Festival. The five contestants will have 5 hours to write a piece of music on a secret instrumentation and the musical ingredient. All five compositions are performed and breast live on the radio in a concert at the Great Lakes Science Center.


Finished composition # 500 - 'Beyond the Vastness' for 2 pianos - commissioned by, and to be premiered at the opening of the IMPULS-Festival in Germany this summer.


MDR Orchestra's upcomign season will  premiere my new Beatbox concerto for the Female World Champion Beatboxer: Bellatrix, as well as a performance my piece '40 Changing Orbits'. I will be also recording 2 big film projects with them in August, the new Netflix series 'Sense 8' and a new movie starring Tom Hanks both which I am orchestrating and have original music in.


A new book by Sebastian Stoppe has been released called: 'Film in Concert: Film Scores and their Relation to Classical Concert Music'. In it I talk about my thoughts on film music


New interviews about the new album: 'DAYS'




- finished writing and recording the chamber opera 'Manhattan in Charcoal', poem and libretto by Jacob Miller.

Stay tuned for the relese in late 2014 on Composers Concordance Records.


- Radio interview on The Brothers Balliett show on WQXR's Q2 station



- Cloud Atlas Symphony performed around the world by Kristjan Jarvi and various orchestras in Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Leipzig


- Breadth of Rhetoric' for bassoon and orchestra will be premiered at the 2014 International Doubel reed Society Conference in August.

 by Martin Kuuskmann - bassoon ald the cocnerto is schedualed to be performd in the 2014-15 seasonand with Martin Kuuskmann, Neeme Jarvi - conductor and the Estonian National Orchestra


2 Albums released in May 2013

Release of the the piano concerto 'Reinventions' on Sony Records with Simone Dinnerstein - piano and the Absolute Ensemble, K. Jarvi, conductor - the album is called Bach re Invented


The Release of Gene's new album 'Samplestra' - the electro - acoustic music of Gene Pritsker on Composers Concordance Records'

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- big cocenrt with Sound Liberation in April




Great Interview about Sound Liberation in ThisIsNotAScene


Also a amazing review of the album 'Open Up Your Ears & Get Some' 




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