Gambler - Gene Pritsker
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“...much of 21st century composition appears to be thinning in significance, but this might be about to change. Gene Pritsker is one of a very spare handful of composers effecting this change.”

-  All About Jazz



-  The New York Times


"dissolv[ing] the artificial boundaries between high brow, low brow, classical, popular musics and elevates the idea that if it's done well it is great music, regardless of the style or genre".

- The Music Connoisseur 


"His expressive reach is so wide as to encompass everything from ethno/techno, rock/jazz fusion, classical opera and more, and it all seems to be effortlessly integrated within his anima and comes out through different facets of his persona. You could almost see him as a modern day renaissance man. "

- Classical Music Sentinel


"Pritsker has a natural ability to write music that is unselfconsciously original and absorbing in a way that resembles nobody else."  

- Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

It is, by now, an aphorism that “You never know what the composer Gene Pritsker will create next” 

                       - Jazzdagama


Recent & Upcoming Performances:




EMX presents 'Berlin Meets NY'  at Sowieso in Berlin. Music to be performed include 'Three Poems’ for soprano and e. gtr., ‘Postlude' (from Suite #3) for cello and piano,  & 'Water, Frog, Bird ' for cello and e. guitar. Premieres include ‘Pigments’, ‘Nausea’, 'Even More Paradoxes’ for gtr., piano and drums. Also the premiere of 'Quotes from People Born on Dec. 7' for soprano and mixed chamber ensemble. 


David Hayes premieres 'Obsolete The Soul' for solo double bass as part of the And Then There Were Three concert at Wells & Mendip Museum in Wells, Somerset, England. 


'Sisyphus - Sinner Condemned' performed by the CompCord Ensemble as part of 'Eclectic Bands' concert presented by Composers Concordance at Settepani, Harlem. 



Gene conducts the concert 'Babylon Berlin Inspired’ featuring his‘ Berlin Suite' and various early jazz arrangements from the TV series Babylon Berlin at the  SILVESTIVAL-Festival at the Historic Town Hall, Nuremberg in Nürnberg, Germany.   





The premiere of 'EroicAnization' a commission for ensemble KONTRASTE, for Di.J. and chamber ensemble based on Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony conducted by Hans Rotman, performed at Tafelhalle, in Nuremberg, Germany. Also as an encore on this concert is the premiere of 'Fur Elise Charleston'  


Three of gene;s songs performed as part of JAM MUSIC LAB feat. Stefanie Egger in Vienna, Austria. 


'We Have Won. You Have No Say' for flute, clarinet, violin and piano premiered as part of Composers Concordance presents 'Bob Brashear & CompCord Ensemble' at Kostabi world Uptown. Also on the concert are 3 chamber arrangements Gene did of song by Robert L. Brashear. 


Duo concert with pianist Antonis Anissegos, performing guiatr and piano duos, including 'Key to My Nausea' and 'You’re Hopeless When the Sun Goes Away' at Spectrum in Brooklyn.

Jihoo Kim premieres ' Devils Sympathy Variations’ for solo piano at t Folkwang University in Duisburg, Germany 



Premiere of 'Prelude & Fugue #2' performed by Carlton Holmes, and the premiere of  'The Right Hand Does Not Know What the Left Hand is Doing' co composed with Peter Jarvis perfomred by Carl Bolleia, as part of Composers Concordance and Project142 presents 'Three's Keys' concert at the DiMenna Center.

Album release salon concert for 'Music for Dreams ChillHop Remix' Salon concert with pianist Magdalena Stern-Baczewska.


Premiere of ‘Pack’ for percussion quartet as part of Composers Concordance,  William Paterson University & Composers Guild of New Jersey present: 'Backpack Concert'. Performed by the NJ Perc. Quartet at Salon33 in Princeton NJ


Performance  of ‘Pack’ for percussion quartet as part of Composers Concordance,  William Paterson University & Composers Guild of New Jersey present: 'Backpack Concert'. Performed by the NJ Perc. Quartet at Bar Thalia | Symphony Space



Performance  of ‘Pack’ for percussion quartet as part of Composers Concordance,  William Paterson University & Composers Guild of New Jersey present: 'Backpack Concert'. Performed by the NJ Perc. Quartet at William Paterson University

Carlton Holmes performs ‘Prelude & Fugue #2’ as part of a Yamaha sponsored concert at  Goddard Riverside - Bernie Wohl Center.


Joshua Thomas performs 'Gladiator' for alto sax and Samplestra at Connecticut College Evans Hall as part of the faculty showcase recital


Dan Auerbach and Jai Jeffryes perform ‘Suite #1’ as part of the Composers Now Series at the College of Staten Island 


Premiere of 'Drama' for viola and piano as part of Composers Concordance 'Wingjammwe' concert at Spetrum in Brooklyn, NYC.



‘Away’ for piano and string quite performed at Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorium as part of

Port of Entry: New York 
by pianist Jasna Popovic. 

Sound Liberation performs at Pianos. 


'TINPANAPNIT' premiered as part of Composers Concordance 'Tin Pan Allegiances' concert at National Opera Center - Placido Domingo Hall


New silent film score performed a part of Sound of Silent Film Festival 2020 presented by Access Contemporary Music  

at Davis Theater in Chicago. 

Composers Concordance  presents the 'So Wrong Its Right trombone Quartet. Premiere of Gene’s  'The Living Unutterable’ at Jim Kempner’s Gallery.



'Drummer Dances' performed by The Licorice Clarinet Quartet as part of Composers Concordance and Project 142 'Clarinet Motion' concert.


Warren Nicholson performs ‘Snyeg’’ for solo guitar at Kings Chapel 'Tuesday Recitals’ in Boston M.A


Premieres of a chamber piece as part of Composers Concordance 9th Annual CompCord Festival: 'Comp | Lit Festival'

11th Annual Comp-Play-Comp Marathon



Gene has 5 premieres as part of Composers Concordance 9th Annual CompCord Festival: 'Comp | Lit Festival'

The 5 concerts are:

i. Now Is the Winter of Our Discoteque  

ii. 11th Annual Comp-Play-Comp Marathon  

    'Words & Music Theme’ (4/26)

iii. Humbug-Jitterbug

iv. Fortune Favors the Rave  

v. O Haiku My Haiku




The premiere of a new chamber piece as part of Composers Concordance & Howland Cultural Center presents the CompCord Ensemble in Beacon NY. 

CompCord Ensemble performs at OH PENNY PICTURES fundraiser for the documentary series PILLARS OF MADNESS: A HISTORY OF AMERICAN PSYCHIATRY. Gene will have a premiere of a new song based on poetry of Erik T. Johnson. At St. Marks Church on The Bowery 

- New composition performed as part of Composers Concordance 'Conga Mania' concert

- New composition performed as part of Composers Concordance 'Generations X' concert

- Premiere of a piece for trumpet and string quartet as part of Composers Concordance & Entertaining Science concert with Franz Hackl and Quartet MetaData.


Gene is back at the Outreach Music Festival in Schwaz, Austria where he will present the program 'Zappa Ripped my Flesh’ and premiere his song 
‘Where is that River Now’ with the Outreach Orchestra featuring vocalist Chanda Rule

'Intending to make music dangerous again.”
- Sequenza21

In world dominated by safe, carefully calculated music-making. Gene Pritsker is refreshing. If it tweaks our collective noses, perhaps they deserve tweaking. 
- Fanfare Magazine 


William James’s Varieties of Religious Experience a chamber opera by Gene Pritsker on Composers Concordance Records

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